The Fall Of…

…2011. As of 5:05 this morning, fall befell us like bowl of pea soup. Ugh, the air is so thick and still it’s just gross. It’s a different kind of humidity than you expect and can almost tolerate during the height of summer. And, from what I hear on the radio, we, at least us here in NJ are in for a lot of rain and more flooding is possible. But remember about what I said the other day, we’ll find out tomorrow if it really rained today or not and how much fell. And of course, in the winter, which this year begins in, as of this writing at 7am, 89 days, 17 hours, 30 minutes, we always hear (the next day), that blizzard took us completely by surprise.

Speaking of predictions, that UARS satellite is predicted to fall sometime today but the location is still yet unknown though prognosticators are saying it won’t hit North America. Well, that’s fine, but what if it does hit some other civilized place? We just have to hope it doesn’t hit NJ because otherwise we’ll probably get taxed for it.

And, sadly, another chapter of television history is coming to a close. After 41 years, All My Children, which debuted on January 5,1970,  is going off the ABC airwaves.

Originally conceived by Agnes Nixon in the 1960’s, All My Children was declined by first NBC, then CBS and once again by NBC when Proctor & Gamble had no available space in the network’s lineup. All My Children was put on hold. Using a few ideas from her AMC ‘bible’, Agnes Nixon created storylines and characters for Another World, on which she served as head writer.

Wanting a show with a more contemporary tone, ABC approached Nixon and she created what came to be known as One Life To Live, which debuted in 1968 (and is also slated to leave the airwaves in 2012). With the success of the Llanview, Pennsylvania based show, ABC asked Nixon for another show and, dusting off the ‘bible’, All My Children and iconic Erica Kane were born.

I won’t waste my time berating ABC/Disney for their decision to cancel these two shows (and most likely General Hospital, which now holds the distinction the longest running soap opera still in production–April 1, 1963) in favor of cheaper, reality-type shows whose hosts have as little regard for the legions of bereft soap fans (‘get over it’ ~Mario Batali)  as the head cheese at the networks (‘the viewers need to be trained like dogs to accept [my] vision of the shows’ ~ Brian Frons)…emphasis on cheese.

But good old fashioned soap opera storytelling is not dead. Just like soaps made the transition from radio to television, now they will make the leap from television to the internet (and with any luck, a cable network) thanks to the folks at Prospect Park, who have leased the shows from ABC, which I’ve mentioned before.

There is no set date for production to restart on All My Children under the helm of Prospect Park, and Susan Lucci’s future with the show is still uncertain, though everything I’m seeing points to an Erica Kane-less resurrection. But remember this, for approximately 6 months between November ‘46 and June ‘47, Guiding Light was in between sponsors on the radio and it came back, went to television and had a total run of 72 years. Time will tell what will become of Pine Valley.

All that can be said is… Tune in tomorrow!

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One Response to “The Fall Of…”

  1. Melissa Says:

    My personal note on the satellite falling to the earth: When I first heard about this, I thought to myself – Oh! That’s how the world is going to end! We’re going to destroy ourselves by shooting a bunch of stuff into space that will eventually come careening down to the surface thereby causing mass destruction and mayhem. You know, human beings have figured out how to do some pretty incredible things, but inevitable “we” always manage to do incredibly stupid things as well! What gives? Let’s start thinking things through people …

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