Chew On This

The results are in for the premier episode of the show that replaced All My Children. Known throughout the vast population of soap fans as The Spew and The Cud, to name a few, The Chew was panned by critics The New York Daily News to Entertainment Weekly, basically saying the show was disappointing, loud, in respect that all the “food experts” just talked over each other and that there was just no common thread to anything on the overstuffed foodie gab-fest. Click here for the full article.

The link to the article from the Washington Post was posted by one of the Facebook groups. In the article was another link to the Huffington Post’s “Five Most Awkward Moments”.  I am relying on what I’m reading because I’m not watching that show. I had the misfortune enough to catch the last 30 seconds or so that overlapped into my DVR setting for One Life To Live which I could not fast foward through fast enough!  Nor will I be watching what is replacing One Life To Live come January, the Revulsion, otherwise known as the Revolution. Here are the awkward moments as described by Huff Post:

That mention about Carla Hall (which by the way was a character name on One Live To Live played by Ellen Holly) getting cheered by the audience for using toothpicks kind of sounds like how Emeril gets applause for telling the audience he’s about to wash his hands.  Cheesy cheesy cheesy. Must be the way he washes his hands.

After I read that article it reminded about the article on the ABC Upfronts back in May, the gathering of advertisers and TV execs to discuss possible sponsoring of new shows and the ad people weren’t all that thrilled with The Cud even then.

Well, I got a picture, a political statement, in an email from a friend of mine this morning and how timely, because I was able to retrofit the Politicians/Voters with:


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One Response to “Chew On This”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Very clever man my uncle is … You know, the bad thing about awkward moments is that they’re awkward.

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