Time To Walk Again

I really don’t have much of a blog today, it’s that time of the month and my sense of creativity has flown out the window. But because time is marching on with a deadline fast approaching and I haven’t yet done so, I wanted to get in here with my yearly plea for donations to sponsor Lucille, who once again will be walking against breast cancer. You can click on the pink ribbon below and you’ll be taken directly to her page. This year it’s even easier to navigate and there’s a place to click if you want to make a cash or check donation. And thanks in advance.

And that really is about it. That All My Children replacement show has dropped in ratings already since it’s “promising” premier episode. I guess people also don’t have time to sit for an hour and listen to whatever it is they are selling, much like the claim they don’t have time to sit for a “story”.

One quick note. You might have noticed the little “follow” button on the bottom of this page. Well, if you click on it and enter your email address, you can get notified in your email anytime I post something new. It helps take the guesswork out of it.

This weekend we are seeing “Book of Mormon” with house guests Tim and Shane who arrived last night from Toronto, where, as it turns out, a local radio station is having a contest where someone can win a baby. Well, three free in vitro treatments.  Anyway, they are here until we go into the city tomorrow and they will continue their stay in a hotel; we will be taking our second gratis night at “that” hotel….hopefully not room 112.

Have a great weekend.


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