Drink For Thought

In a magazine last night, I came upon the following quote “This dude in India hasn’t eaten or drank anything in 70 years…” and I’m certain it is incorrectly worded and I’d like to get your opinion on it.

The weekend ended with a grilled ham steak. The weekend began, as I mentioned last week, with the arrival of Tim and Shane from Canada. After Shane and I were both finished with work on Friday, the weekend was finally able to get underway with steaks on the grill,  margaritas by the fire on the patio (in the rain…see?…but we were determined) and falling asleep watching Evita. But we were up bright and early getting ready to for Broadway day, first to get Shane in on time for matinee of “Follies”, while Tim, Ariel and I went out barhopping until it was time for the four of us to meet up for dinner before we all went to see “Book Of Mormon”. And after that, it was back out barhopping until we realized it was time to call it a night, and say goodbye to the Canadians as we parted ways to our respective hotels. Ours, of course, was Room 212, The Entertaining Angels Room, at the Desmond Tutu Center. Oh Silvia was so glad to see us. We gasped in pre-emptive horror when we saw the placard in the lobby announcing a wedding being held on the premises.

Okay, so, Book Of Mormon. One word: funny. Okay, maybe hysterical. Obscene? Blasphemous? Pick one. The one good thing about the show, I honestly didn’t know much about, so I wasn’t going into it with any expectations. All I knew was that it was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame, and that apparently tickets are just about impossible to get as confirmed by everyone we mentioned the show to, including Olga, our waitress at Scarlatto.

The show, basically a live action version of an episode of South Park, was rife with jokes, one on top of the other, in rapid succession, whether in dialogue or in song, some of which were blatantly and outright obviously funny and some kind of made you have to think for second, but as you were thinking about it, another funny line would be said and missed. And nothing, as you might expect from the creators of South Park, was safe, from the satirical wit of team Parker and Stone. Comically mismatched Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, missionaries from The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were sent to AIDS-stricken Uganda, a harsh contrast to Elder Price’s lifelong dream of carrying out his mission in Orlando. Without getting into some of the more questionable topics of satire, let’s suffice to say nothing, from organized religion to homosexuality, was exempt from musical comedy ridicule, nor was the idolization of pop culture. You know… South Park! While the show was a non-stop comically irreverent assault, I found the second half even moreso and the story came around full circle and was tied up in a neat little certifiable bow.

Shane, a Broadway-phile of the highest order and I agreed that while Book Of Mormon was a highly entertaining show, it was really not the end all be all of Broadway shows, for several reasons; one being the too-rapid fire of punchlines which almost seemed like it would be necessary to try to get tickets again to see what we missed, and that some of the dialogue was incoherently rushed, plus a few other nit-picky things. We both gave it an 8. Ariel gave it an extra point, a 9, for the underlying “texting” joke. And Tim didn’t say one way or the other, but his laughter resounded like everyone else’s.

Bonus points for celebrity spotting: Giada DiLaurentiis from The Food Network was in the audience, two rows behind us.


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One Response to “Drink For Thought”

  1. Melissa Says:

    “This dude in India hasn’t eaten or drUnk anything in 70 years…” Drink, drank, drunk, I believe.
    Today he drinks.
    Yesterday he drank.
    And he has drunk that many times before. ?? That one always threw me.

    That’s neat to hear that the Book of Mormon #1 was created by the creators of South Park and #2 was hysterically funny. Neat because I recently watched their movie “Team America: World Police.” I guess it’s an “old” movie at this point, but it was the first time I ever saw it. And … it is HILARIOUS! Oh my. I mean, completely inappropriate and base in many respects, but oh so funny!!! I want to see it again!

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