Stop F’ing Whining!

There seems to be a new trend on television that’s even more disturbing than the last one, which was low incessant mumbling. I guess it was a device used to point out drama where there was none, kind of like pyrotechnics, car crashes and overdone CGI in a movie where there is no story.  Nearly every show we watch, at one point or another, requires my (because I’m in charge of the remote control, that’s why)  putting on the closed captioning so we can understand the dialogue. The new trend I’m talking about is this sort of woe-is-me, nasally and weak whine.  That probably stems from the onslaught of ‘reality’ shows. I’m just guessing because I don’t watch reality shows, well, check that, maybe I do; Ice Road Truckers and now IRT Most Dangerous Roads now that the ice has melted. But they don’t really whine in that show. There’s never enough airable dialogue to be able to hear it because they F’ing bleep out every other F’ing word and you can understand what the F is being said. Do you F’ing get it? And Project Runway, but that’s an altogether different sort of whine; it comes with a twist of lisp.

I put on my big boy pants this morning and actually killed a spider …all on my own! And without shrieking. And with only a paper towel without first smashing it through the wall with my shoe. And Ariel had just killed one in the bathroom upstairs. The march is on, I guess, now that it’s getting colder out and they’re seeking out someplace warm. Hmm, and we had our first instance of a stink bug the other night. I hope it’s not gonna be a double whammy winter.

It’s cold! And dark. And it’s depressing. And what’s even more depressing is my garden is seeing its final days fast approaching. All I have left is a few tomatoes that won’t ripen. I think sun is required for that, isn’t it? And there hasn’t been sun in what, about a month, with the exception of about one hour? So, I’m picking what looks good and praying they ripen indoors. We’ll be harvesting what’s left of the basil this coming weekend, most likely. The squash finally squished, but there are tons of it frozen. About the only thing that’s still thriving is the nasturtium.

Looks like October 4 is a busy birthday day, at least in the world of celebrity. Rutherford B. Hayes (1822), Damon Runyon (1880), Buster Keaton (1895), Hattie McDaniel, (1895) Charlton Heston (1923), Dick Tracy (1931), Dotty West (1932), Jackie Collins (1937), Lori Saunders (1941), Anne Rice (1941), Patty LaBelle (1944), Susan Sarandon (1946-who by the way graduated from the high school I went to).  Janis Joplin died on this date in 1970. And the Meadowlands Arena here in New Jersey opened up 1981.

Got this from a friend on Facebook. See if you can find the cat. Here’s a hint. There is one in the picture.


One Response to “Stop F’ing Whining!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I THINK I found the cat ??? We may have to talk privately so I can check to see if I was right.

    As to the weather, they are predicting 80 degrees and sunny all week here in Central Illnois! Absolutely beautiful! Just sharing … I’ll try to send some of it your way.

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