The Pages Of Time

Not sure if this is an oxymoron or not (and I know what an oxymoron is)–maybe a better way to describe it might be a contradiction in terms, a paradox perhaps, but the L.E. Philips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has become the first in the country to check out Apple iPads…each loaded with 1,000 e-book titles, and 10 audio books and a bunch of other iPady stuff that an iPad apparently is capable of holding. Only members who are over 18 and carry an active library card are allowed to take out an iPad, and a contract must be signed by the borrower (only one per household at a time) The iPad can also used to download their own books, listen to music or watch videos, which will be deleted once the tablet is checked back in. Currently, the library has 32 such gizmos to check out and six to be used in the library.

Another reason the library has for loaning out the iPads is so that people can acquaint themselves with the technology without the expense of buying one.

This kind of comes on the heels of a conversation I had recently with someone who is in LOVE with her Kindle. I stated that I haven’t quite gotten to wrapping my mind around that yet, even though I do carry my music around on a device that’s scant larger than a credit card, but you really only hear music. But remember the days of the Walkman, the Discman, the boombox (affectionately known as the ghetto blaster)? Convenience just got bigger and bigger.  True though, with my Droid, I can see artist, title, and if I’m lucky, lyrics to a song and I can even find out the title and artist and possible availability to download a certain tune I might hear out in club with my Shazzam app. So, I’m not completely out of the technological loop. But, come on! Go up to the DJ booth? Really?

I came across this and thought it posed an interesting question. Kind of along the lines of knowing what a 45 is.

I realize it (a tablet of some sort) is the thing to have nowadays because really, holding a book is so much more effort and forget actually turning a page. But it’s also kind of silly when you see confused tourists in New York whip out a iPad to look up directions, as opposed to a more compact smart phone (or possibly asking someone–really, New Yorkers aren’t as monstrous as that to as to not help someone out). Where a smart phone could fit discreetly into your pocket, you need a larger holder, especially if you’re one of those men that doesn’t carry a purse. Anyway, I told the Kindle advocate, who told me she would read my book if I published it on Kindle, that I truly don’t think I could own one. I like the sound the spine of a new book makes when you open it for the first time. It’s like an invitation to come inside to a secret world. I like the feel of the warm pages under my touch and to breathe in the inky aroma of the author’s words. It’s a tangible, almost living breathing connection with a close friend.

“I cannot live without books” ~ Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 1815.

  And don’t forget, you, or a friend can help Lucille walk breast cancer right on out of here!


One Response to “The Pages Of Time”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Funny – how are the two pictures related – because I recently borrowed a “transriber” machine from someone so I could transcribe some cassette tapes. And the machine comes with a manual that explains how to use a pencil to fix the tape if it comes unwound! Ha! So, funny #1 that anyone would have to be instructed as to how that whole process works (kind of like being told how to shampoo your hair) but funny #2 because nowadays many people would NOT know how to fix it!!! Wow! The world really has changed that much in the past 20-30 years.

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