The Fewcher Is Now

Here’s something I just don’t get. Let me preface this by saying I was dismayed recently, oh, maybe around the beginning of the summer while watching the Kids’ Tournament on Jeopardy when one of the contestants said he has no use for pencils because with computers he won’t need them to write. That was a little alarming, but he was also a mite on the precocious side. But then when you think that kindergartners are being given iPads (there’s that word again!) it leaves the future of a good sharpened #2 Ticonderoga in question.

But I’ve veered off the track. Sorry. The Bangor Township, Michigan school board has decided its three elementary schools, with teachers who are just about worn to the nub trying to teach all subjects they have to deal with all day, will cease teaching spelling as an independent subject. Superintendent Shawn Bishop says that “…research shows the impact of teaching spelling by itself is not as significant as other subjects.”

Well, really, why does one need to spell when computer programs and cell phones have auto-correct? And I suppose it won’t matter if their going to get there diplomas over they’re, if and when they graduate. So then it should come as no surprise that words like LOL have made it into the Oxford Dictionary.

You know what else I don’t understand? You know how talking on your cellphone while you’re driving is illegal? (Yore…there, there’s another one, Bangor, Michigan!) And texting is even worse? Well, now, at least in Indianapolis, where this news story is from, comes yet another distraction. You know those QR codes that are everywhere, like in magazines, for instance that enhance an advertisement using a QR reader on your smart device? Well, ClearChannel media, who was unavailable for comment when this article I’m reading was written, is putting up billboards with QR (quick response) codes. So, with all the country-wide flap about distracted driving, what is the thought process behind these new billboards? Unless they’re meant for passenger use only, but I think I’m wise enough to know that if someone already is texting while driving, however inconspicuously or blatantly (and they’re out there…Bangor…..!) what’s to keep them from grabbing their cell phone, activating the QR app, getting it lined up in the viewfinder to download whatever it is while soaring down the highway? Look, I can barely do it sitting at home in my red chair, but I’m not the most coordinated guy, either.

On that note, have a great weekend and remember there are, including today, 10 days before Lucille goes on her walk.


One Response to “The Fewcher Is Now”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I heard one similar to the pencils/spelling travesty … I heard that schools are going to stop teaching cursive handwriting!! ?!?! I disagree with it. The reason behind it is to allow more time to learn “keyboarding” on a computer. But how about this – how will the future of tomorrow be able to read greeting cards? or old letters? or their grandparents’ handwritten letters, poems, and stories? You could really have a lot of information lost in translation if the “art” of handwriting goes by the wayside. And what is wrong with holding onto some of those “less needed” skills for tradition sake??? There are MANY times when I have the need or the desire to write on paper instead of typing something on the computer, and I am sure glad that I know how to write in cursive because it saves a lot of time! And what will happen when your computer stops working? Or your neighbor’s? Or the school’s for that matter? If all the computers at school had to shut down for some reason … then what? All learning is haulted? We become slobbery bumbling idiots because we no longer know how to function without computers? Okay, so maybe the world will not come to an end if a generation of children (and beyond) are never taught how to write in cursive. But it may be a slippery slope to losing parts of our heritage, history, skill sets, etc. Only time will tell where/how this world will end up, but I’m just not convinced that I like the direction that we are going in :-/

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