Happy Snow- o’ween

Hi, I’m here, but sort of not. Last week was a busy week with work, the final push for the end of the month and by the time I was done working each day, the only thing I felt creative about was how soon after I was off the computer I could park my do-nothing in my red chair.

Great show! The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series.

Well, to catch up quickly, and you probably heard about this, we had snow, in varying amounts throughout the state on Saturday with some places losing power which may be restored as early as this coming Wednesday. While we watched the snow fall, saying darn it, our plans got all messed up, we never realized our less than 2 inches was hardly an inconvenience to others’ 15-18 inches. I just hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come once Winter sets in.

On Friday, before the pending storm struck, I plucked a bounty of nasturtium flowers and leaves and on Saturday while I worked, Ariel was busy in the kitchen beginning preparations for his mother’s birthday dinner we’re having next weekend and he put to use the garden bounty making nasturtium lemon butter, nasturtium flower cream cheese and a pesto out of the brilliant green leaves which we had on bowties for dinner. It looked unassuming enough, but the natural peppery finish kind of crept up on you and gave your tongue a little thrill. If the rest of the leaves survive the snow, I can see a bounty of naturstium pesto in our future!

Oh, yeah, I also entered a contest on the Sport Kilt website, “Out On The Town..In A Kilt”. Click here to see it.  I should open to the page; the picture is of Ariel and me at the Perry Awards and it’s in the 4th row down, first on the left. If it’s not there, then go to page 6 then look in that same position. And if you would, let’s see if you can help increase my chances of winning by clicking on the stars is a ratings vote. Please! Daddy wants a new kilt!

Happy Halloween. Click on the bats for a fun Halloween card


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