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A Little Christmas Cheer

November 29, 2011

You know last week was Thanksgiving and Black Friday and according to the news, it was just a mad frenzy of stupidity like the world has not known before. There were people squeezing under metal security doors to get into stores, stampeding to specialty items that were going on a special sale, suffering bruises and fractures in the process and in one case a woman firing pepper spray at a crowd to ward them away from the last Xbox. Frickin’ idiots, every last one of them.

Well, I made it through unscathed. Cyber Monday, that is. It was a long rough day at work and I still had my Christmas shopping to do, so after dinner, I sat, armed with my credit card, the TV remote, a few hours to spare with no motivation.

I first thought about the kids on my list, but heeded the warning of which board games to stay away from.

The game of LIFE is out because it teaches that life if not worth living unless you have money. Well, duh! Operation teaches kids how to deal with the black market of medicine and how to perform a live dissection. Yeah, the cartoon guy on the board told me to remove his bread basket. Forget the Where’s Waldo series of books because that would just lead the kid to become a stalker. Or maybe a revered scientist or author or lawyer with an acute sense of observation. Don’t Wake Daddy, a game I never heard of, apparently teaches kids to be sneaky and to do things that pop wouldn’t approve of. Well maybe it does. What the hell do I know? Hungry, Hungry Hippos is also a delusional game that mistakenly teaches kids that hippos are friendly marble eaters that come in pretty pastel colors. What Hungry, Hungry Hippos does teach is how loud a game it really is. For that alone, it should be left on the store shelves. Candyland. Well, right there is a red flag. It’s a definite promoter of child obesity sending out the message that it’s okay to have poor eating habits. I say the problem with Candyland is the newfangled design of the board. Give me the version I had when I was a kid instead of sugar fairies and lollipop princesses. Then I thought maybe a good old fashioned deck of Old Maid cards, but then again, it would send out the wrong message that if you’re not married, an old maid, so to speak, by the end of the game, you’re just a loser all around. And what kind of hope would a 6 or 7 year old have after that?

Anybody for a game of tag?

By the time I got to the last of the kids on my list, realizing that none of them was getting a thing, I decided to buy myself a gift. I can’t wait until Christmas morning to see what it is.

Down To Earth

November 28, 2011

It was a nice relaxing weekend; eat, sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep, watch TV, cook, go out to eat, sleep, and put up Christmas. And now it’s Monday, just like that. And since I’m home and not otherwise traveling eastward after a whirlwind holiday weekend in the midwest, I thought I’d throw a blog together.

This weekend’s Breakfast and a Movie was our first “trilogy”, or so I thought. Since it was a holiday weekend and w had three days, we decided it would be a good time for a “remake” theme, but what I mistakenly thought was a remake was actually a sequel and that’s a no-no in the Breakfast and a Movie official rule book. Unfortunately, that’s another book by me that hasn’t been published…just sayin’. But maybe all is not lost. (I know I wrote about this a while back–actually, it’s two posts down from here but I wrote it weeks ago.)

The movie this weekend was the Mr Jordan theme, beginning with “Here Comes Mr. Jordan” (1941) and the subsequent films (I call them a film and not a movie–thank you Lisa Loopner) “Down to Earth” ((1947) and “Heaven Can Wait” (Warren Beatty-1978). As it turns out, the Rita Hayworth musical, “Down to Earth” was the sequel as it opened with the boxing manager turned theatrical agent, Max Corkel (played in both by James Gleason) recalling how he’d handled champion pugilist Joe Pendleton.

In 2001, Chris Rock made a movie entitled “Down to Earth” which is yet another remake, this time rather than boxing, football or the Greek Goddess Terspsichore, using the name Kitty Pendelton, wreaking havoc on the stage of a Broadway musical about the bastardized account of the nine muses, it’s as an aspiring comic who comes back from Heaven to fulfill his dream, except in this version Mr. Jordan has become Mr. King. I have that title on my Netflix queue. So, I’d like to say we’ll have our first tetralogy (only because it’s a neat word), but alas, we’ll still only have three, according to that unpublished rule book.

And, sadly, since my last writing, we One Life to Live fans have been brought back down to earth since our hopes for the continuation of our beloved soap seemed to have been dashed upon the rocks as Prospect Park announced the day before Thanksgiving that “we are suspending our aspirations to revive One Life to Live and All My Children via online distribution.” Maybe someone will ride to the rescue in the meantime and pick up the shows.

No Joy In Llanview

November 18, 2011

Today is a bittersweet day; it’s the last official taping of One Life to Live which is scheduled to air its final episode on the cruddy ABC Network on January 13, 2012. Originally it was scheduled for the following Friday, the 20th, but who knows what evil lurks beneath those ridiculous over-sized mouse ears that only serve to conceal devil horns; not only have they denied us our soaps, but they’ve gypped us out of a week of One Life to Live besides.  And that’s not the only conundrum (thanks for that one, Roxy..OLTL fans know what I mean) that has us hopeful fans baffled.

True, we have a shot of keeping our soap alive through Prospect Park, but there are reports that nothing as of yet has been officially decided between the actors and the actor’s union, AFTRA (the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and if no agreement can be reached, the actors cannot continue to work. So, so far, the future of the 13 or so performers including daytime’s grande dame Erika Slezak who was among the first to “sign” with the new production company.

Then it was reported that Prospect Park was going to lease the studio from ABC to continue shooting. Then it’s reported they cannot lease it.

This just in: Now it’s being said that Prospect Park is keeping mum, issuing a no comment on the future of its plans: reports have come through that PP hasn’t the sufficient funds to support both One Life To Live and All My Children (which has seemingly been on the chopping block from day 1) and when asked about the status of the shows, PP told the Soap Opera Network, “We have no comment at this time.”

To make matters even more confusing, I just read this morning, that orders were given by ABC to the actors who have not signed with PP must pack up and be out by the weekend.

So, who knows what the future holds for One Life To Live after all? All I know is I’ll be tuned in each and every day until what may well be the bitter end and when the final credits roll, ABC will be off my television set.

A Few Things

November 15, 2011

I learned last night that a load of wet laundry will take an eternity to dry in a dryer on the fluff setting.

I also learned yesterday that the Clark Gable/Claudette Colbert movie classic, It Happened One Night was remade as a color musical with Jack Lemmon and June Allyson called You Can’t Run Away With It. I haven’t watched it yet to say whether it holds up to the original–it’s still on my DVR awaiting transfer to disc–and I don’t want to be judgmental (come again?), but if The Opposite Sex, the musical remake of the 1939 classic, The Women, also starring June Allyson is any indication, it’s sure to be a painfully slow-paced romp.

I’ll be adding it to our Breakfast & A Movie Sundays, The Winter Edition. That all started when after trying to watch a movie I rented from Netflix continually ended up in falling asleep, I suggested watching it on a Sunday morning when there’d be a better chance of staying awake.

The Winter Edition, we’re planning on focusing on movies and their remakes, such as It Happened One Night and You Can’t Run Away With It. Also Victor/Victoria (I have only two of the three versions), Here Comes Mr. Jordan ( I have three versions). Oh yeah, and Psycho, even thought we just watched the last half of the Anne Heche/Vince Vaughn unconvincing remake a few night ago. We’ll watch the two back to back.  I’m sure there are lots more I can’t even think of.





I also learned that after a double dose of Jesus Christ Superstar; the play we went to see the other night with my friend Janet’s daughter in the ensemble (and also a guy we know from camp who played Pontius Pilate) and the watching the movie, songs from that show get stuck in your head.

Of course, the best cure for such earworms is…. (I can’t get enough of this…..)

Static Clung

November 9, 2011

Dateline: Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 6:30 pm… the balloon finally fell. It was the last balloon left from the party Saturday for Ariel’s mother’s 80th birthday. It was a festive affair, lots of colorful decorations (and food!) and among them were a ton of balloons. Come to think of it, a ton of balloons is a LOT! Maybe it was closer to a half pound. Anyway, rather than use Scotch tape on the relatively fresh paint job, I stuck them in places that would be out of the way and a few I stuck to the walls with static electricity after rubbing them across my fleece jammie pants. They all stuck to the walls except for the gold balloons. For some reason, they just slid down to the floor. A few of them I “attached” to the ceiling and they stayed put for the day.

After everyone left (some time around midnight) and we cleaned up, I took down the ones stuck to the walls and ceiling in the addition, in case they set off the motion detector during the night. The only one I left up was on the kitchenette ceiling–I was surprised how they stayed up all during the day, well, since about 2 in the afternoon–and I wanted to see how long this one would stay up there.

And, so, yesterday, at the stroke of 6:30pm, after approximately 76 hours, it came floating to the floor.

Well, I know I mentioned on Facebook that I made a cheesecake. It was a sugar-free, specially made for Ariel’s mother, and then I bought two sugar free smaller ones. Everyone raved over mine (even those who hadn’t realized I’d baked it) but I thought it was a bit dry. But then, cooking with Splenda will do that. And the top of it cracked, but I covered all three with fresh chopped pineappleand dolled it all up with sugar free vanilla meringues, whipped cream florets, flowers made of grapes and I used a few fennel sprigs for stems.

I think this weekend,  we’re going to try another round of cheesecake baking, making one with Splenda and one with regular sugar and trying the water bath, a bain marie if you will, that was suggested.  Not only do I try to perfect the art of making cheesecake, but I get to eat cheesecake. Win!

The Disappearing Voter

November 8, 2011

I had to chuckle to myself this morning when we went to vote. First of all, we got there early enough that besides the volunteers stationed at each “ward”, we were the only two voters in the place. But that’s not what made me chuckle. It was the formality of it all. First we had to sign in, and we didn’t need to show our ID’s because “everyone’s signature changes all the time”, and then we got a receipt with a number on it. That receipt then gets handed to the attendant stationed by the voting booth, who then sets the machine for the next voter. Or maybe he was turning it on for the first time. Who knows? So, I handed him my “ticket”, went in and voted and came out.

I realize that as the day would get busier that ticket is to keep order among those waiting to their turn, but it just seemed so silly at that time of the day with only 2 voters.

Then it was Ariel’s turn. Now, you’ve seen those booths, I’m sure, what they look like with that curtain that comes about halfway to the floor. I had emerged and was waiting for Ariel to finish signing in and when he handed the booth attendant his ticket, the guy seemed a little befuddled, looking from side to side, and then UNDER the curtain, to see if I, the previous voter, had emerged. I wondered if he though I was doing chin ups or maybe somehow amputated my own legs and was hovering in front of the voting machine. Maybe he’d had a career as a Macy’s dressing room attendant. Those doors reach closer to the floor and it’s harder to see underneath them. Good that he uses the skills he picked up along the way. Well, he spotted me standing off to the side and with a look of relief, took Ariel’s ticket and let him inside.

And now I feel all civcky!

But I should talk, I was at it again myself…. On the way out and leading back to the divide highway, Ariel said, “Did I go the wrong way?”. I said, “Yes,” as we approached the highway, “you can only go left here”. That was wrong, as the one way traffic was coming from the left. I really need to address that.

Magic Moments

November 3, 2011

This is a little different becasue I’m posting just videos today.  I was inspired by an awkwardly funny video my friend Jayne posted on Facebook yesterday and I thought it was too good to not share with those of you not on Facebook. So, while I was at it, I thought I’d post a few other videos in the same vein to keep the theme.  The first is a little long, and I’m counting down from top to bottom to that one.

And here it is…… the most awkward moment

Nothing To The Imagination

November 2, 2011

I was watching the news yesterday morning and heard a story that made me cock my head sideways with a sort of disbelieving grimace on my face. Of course we’ll all sort of in shock with this Halloween snow storm and some areas are still suffering with no power and some neighborhoods are asking people to not go outside due to the amount of downed wires. Trick or Treating was even called off because of the dangerous conditions. But on the news some of the inhabitants of one such neighborhood was being interviewed and a woman was saying it’s been a rough few days, harder than it was when Hurricane Irene hit because now it’s dark and it’s cold. But what got me, was when she spoke of her kids being bored because there was nothing for them to do since there was no electricity (read: no internet and probably drained batteries on their cell phones or whatever device they have), I thought, what’s the matter with reading a book? Or talking to each other? Or cleaning their rooms? But those things might be out of the realm of what a computer device can provide. But when you can make a snowman on your laptop as opposed to bearing the cold fresh air…. Sad.  Although, believe me, if I could get a room cleaning app on my phone, don’t think for one second I wouldn’t use it. But then again, I still know what a book is.

Not sure if it’s working, but there’s still time to try, until Thanksgiving Weekend, to help me win my new kilt. Click here, find the picture of Ariel and me (as of this morning we’re down to next to last row, still on the left)  and click on the stars. So far I’m at 2 out of 5 stars