Nothing To The Imagination

I was watching the news yesterday morning and heard a story that made me cock my head sideways with a sort of disbelieving grimace on my face. Of course we’ll all sort of in shock with this Halloween snow storm and some areas are still suffering with no power and some neighborhoods are asking people to not go outside due to the amount of downed wires. Trick or Treating was even called off because of the dangerous conditions. But on the news some of the inhabitants of one such neighborhood was being interviewed and a woman was saying it’s been a rough few days, harder than it was when Hurricane Irene hit because now it’s dark and it’s cold. But what got me, was when she spoke of her kids being bored because there was nothing for them to do since there was no electricity (read: no internet and probably drained batteries on their cell phones or whatever device they have), I thought, what’s the matter with reading a book? Or talking to each other? Or cleaning their rooms? But those things might be out of the realm of what a computer device can provide. But when you can make a snowman on your laptop as opposed to bearing the cold fresh air…. Sad.  Although, believe me, if I could get a room cleaning app on my phone, don’t think for one second I wouldn’t use it. But then again, I still know what a book is.

Not sure if it’s working, but there’s still time to try, until Thanksgiving Weekend, to help me win my new kilt. Click here, find the picture of Ariel and me (as of this morning we’re down to next to last row, still on the left)  and click on the stars. So far I’m at 2 out of 5 stars

One Response to “Nothing To The Imagination”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I would say you could potentially find MORE to do when the power’s out! Use your imagination! Play a game of cards! Make shadow puppets on the wall. Charades! Dust all the knick-knacks in the house! Miss Mary Mack! Build a fort out of sheets and blankets! “I went to the store and bought apples, bananas, celery …” I spy! Hangman! Tic-tac-toe! Sing songs! Write your own songs! Write a story! Act out a story! Look through an atlas and learn state capitals! Organize the sock drawer! ……

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