The Disappearing Voter

I had to chuckle to myself this morning when we went to vote. First of all, we got there early enough that besides the volunteers stationed at each “ward”, we were the only two voters in the place. But that’s not what made me chuckle. It was the formality of it all. First we had to sign in, and we didn’t need to show our ID’s because “everyone’s signature changes all the time”, and then we got a receipt with a number on it. That receipt then gets handed to the attendant stationed by the voting booth, who then sets the machine for the next voter. Or maybe he was turning it on for the first time. Who knows? So, I handed him my “ticket”, went in and voted and came out.

I realize that as the day would get busier that ticket is to keep order among those waiting to their turn, but it just seemed so silly at that time of the day with only 2 voters.

Then it was Ariel’s turn. Now, you’ve seen those booths, I’m sure, what they look like with that curtain that comes about halfway to the floor. I had emerged and was waiting for Ariel to finish signing in and when he handed the booth attendant his ticket, the guy seemed a little befuddled, looking from side to side, and then UNDER the curtain, to see if I, the previous voter, had emerged. I wondered if he though I was doing chin ups or maybe somehow amputated my own legs and was hovering in front of the voting machine. Maybe he’d had a career as a Macy’s dressing room attendant. Those doors reach closer to the floor and it’s harder to see underneath them. Good that he uses the skills he picked up along the way. Well, he spotted me standing off to the side and with a look of relief, took Ariel’s ticket and let him inside.

And now I feel all civcky!

But I should talk, I was at it again myself…. On the way out and leading back to the divide highway, Ariel said, “Did I go the wrong way?”. I said, “Yes,” as we approached the highway, “you can only go left here”. That was wrong, as the one way traffic was coming from the left. I really need to address that.


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