Static Clung

Dateline: Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 6:30 pm… the balloon finally fell. It was the last balloon left from the party Saturday for Ariel’s mother’s 80th birthday. It was a festive affair, lots of colorful decorations (and food!) and among them were a ton of balloons. Come to think of it, a ton of balloons is a LOT! Maybe it was closer to a half pound. Anyway, rather than use Scotch tape on the relatively fresh paint job, I stuck them in places that would be out of the way and a few I stuck to the walls with static electricity after rubbing them across my fleece jammie pants. They all stuck to the walls except for the gold balloons. For some reason, they just slid down to the floor. A few of them I “attached” to the ceiling and they stayed put for the day.

After everyone left (some time around midnight) and we cleaned up, I took down the ones stuck to the walls and ceiling in the addition, in case they set off the motion detector during the night. The only one I left up was on the kitchenette ceiling–I was surprised how they stayed up all during the day, well, since about 2 in the afternoon–and I wanted to see how long this one would stay up there.

And, so, yesterday, at the stroke of 6:30pm, after approximately 76 hours, it came floating to the floor.

Well, I know I mentioned on Facebook that I made a cheesecake. It was a sugar-free, specially made for Ariel’s mother, and then I bought two sugar free smaller ones. Everyone raved over mine (even those who hadn’t realized I’d baked it) but I thought it was a bit dry. But then, cooking with Splenda will do that. And the top of it cracked, but I covered all three with fresh chopped pineappleand dolled it all up with sugar free vanilla meringues, whipped cream florets, flowers made of grapes and I used a few fennel sprigs for stems.

I think this weekend,  we’re going to try another round of cheesecake baking, making one with Splenda and one with regular sugar and trying the water bath, a bain marie if you will, that was suggested.  Not only do I try to perfect the art of making cheesecake, but I get to eat cheesecake. Win!


One Response to “Static Clung”

  1. Melissa Says:

    That is so neat about that balloon!!! That was some serious static!

    And how very creative those cheesecakes were! Very nice job 🙂

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