A Few Things

I learned last night that a load of wet laundry will take an eternity to dry in a dryer on the fluff setting.

I also learned yesterday that the Clark Gable/Claudette Colbert movie classic, It Happened One Night was remade as a color musical with Jack Lemmon and June Allyson called You Can’t Run Away With It. I haven’t watched it yet to say whether it holds up to the original–it’s still on my DVR awaiting transfer to disc–and I don’t want to be judgmental (come again?), but if The Opposite Sex, the musical remake of the 1939 classic, The Women, also starring June Allyson is any indication, it’s sure to be a painfully slow-paced romp.

I’ll be adding it to our Breakfast & A Movie Sundays, The Winter Edition. That all started when after trying to watch a movie I rented from Netflix continually ended up in falling asleep, I suggested watching it on a Sunday morning when there’d be a better chance of staying awake.

The Winter Edition, we’re planning on focusing on movies and their remakes, such as It Happened One Night and You Can’t Run Away With It. Also Victor/Victoria (I have only two of the three versions), Here Comes Mr. Jordan ( I have three versions). Oh yeah, and Psycho, even thought we just watched the last half of the Anne Heche/Vince Vaughn unconvincing remake a few night ago. We’ll watch the two back to back.  I’m sure there are lots more I can’t even think of.





I also learned that after a double dose of Jesus Christ Superstar; the play we went to see the other night with my friend Janet’s daughter in the ensemble (and also a guy we know from camp who played Pontius Pilate) and the watching the movie, songs from that show get stuck in your head.

Of course, the best cure for such earworms is…. (I can’t get enough of this…..)


One Response to “A Few Things”

  1. Melissa Says:

    “I like pumping furniture into people’s hooomes.”

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