No Joy In Llanview

Today is a bittersweet day; it’s the last official taping of One Life to Live which is scheduled to air its final episode on the cruddy ABC Network on January 13, 2012. Originally it was scheduled for the following Friday, the 20th, but who knows what evil lurks beneath those ridiculous over-sized mouse ears that only serve to conceal devil horns; not only have they denied us our soaps, but they’ve gypped us out of a week of One Life to Live besides.  And that’s not the only conundrum (thanks for that one, Roxy..OLTL fans know what I mean) that has us hopeful fans baffled.

True, we have a shot of keeping our soap alive through Prospect Park, but there are reports that nothing as of yet has been officially decided between the actors and the actor’s union, AFTRA (the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and if no agreement can be reached, the actors cannot continue to work. So, so far, the future of the 13 or so performers including daytime’s grande dame Erika Slezak who was among the first to “sign” with the new production company.

Then it was reported that Prospect Park was going to lease the studio from ABC to continue shooting. Then it’s reported they cannot lease it.

This just in: Now it’s being said that Prospect Park is keeping mum, issuing a no comment on the future of its plans: reports have come through that PP hasn’t the sufficient funds to support both One Life To Live and All My Children (which has seemingly been on the chopping block from day 1) and when asked about the status of the shows, PP told the Soap Opera Network, “We have no comment at this time.”

To make matters even more confusing, I just read this morning, that orders were given by ABC to the actors who have not signed with PP must pack up and be out by the weekend.

So, who knows what the future holds for One Life To Live after all? All I know is I’ll be tuned in each and every day until what may well be the bitter end and when the final credits roll, ABC will be off my television set.


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