Down To Earth

It was a nice relaxing weekend; eat, sleep, eat, work, eat, sleep, watch TV, cook, go out to eat, sleep, and put up Christmas. And now it’s Monday, just like that. And since I’m home and not otherwise traveling eastward after a whirlwind holiday weekend in the midwest, I thought I’d throw a blog together.

This weekend’s Breakfast and a Movie was our first “trilogy”, or so I thought. Since it was a holiday weekend and w had three days, we decided it would be a good time for a “remake” theme, but what I mistakenly thought was a remake was actually a sequel and that’s a no-no in the Breakfast and a Movie official rule book. Unfortunately, that’s another book by me that hasn’t been published…just sayin’. But maybe all is not lost. (I know I wrote about this a while back–actually, it’s two posts down from here but I wrote it weeks ago.)

The movie this weekend was the Mr Jordan theme, beginning with “Here Comes Mr. Jordan” (1941) and the subsequent films (I call them a film and not a movie–thank you Lisa Loopner) “Down to Earth” ((1947) and “Heaven Can Wait” (Warren Beatty-1978). As it turns out, the Rita Hayworth musical, “Down to Earth” was the sequel as it opened with the boxing manager turned theatrical agent, Max Corkel (played in both by James Gleason) recalling how he’d handled champion pugilist Joe Pendleton.

In 2001, Chris Rock made a movie entitled “Down to Earth” which is yet another remake, this time rather than boxing, football or the Greek Goddess Terspsichore, using the name Kitty Pendelton, wreaking havoc on the stage of a Broadway musical about the bastardized account of the nine muses, it’s as an aspiring comic who comes back from Heaven to fulfill his dream, except in this version Mr. Jordan has become Mr. King. I have that title on my Netflix queue. So, I’d like to say we’ll have our first tetralogy (only because it’s a neat word), but alas, we’ll still only have three, according to that unpublished rule book.

And, sadly, since my last writing, we One Life to Live fans have been brought back down to earth since our hopes for the continuation of our beloved soap seemed to have been dashed upon the rocks as Prospect Park announced the day before Thanksgiving that “we are suspending our aspirations to revive One Life to Live and All My Children via online distribution.” Maybe someone will ride to the rescue in the meantime and pick up the shows.


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