Now That You Own The Works

Those were the words ubersalesman Harry Martin, from the Handy Dandy Company, spoke to Lucy Ricardo when he successfully finessed her into buying a new vacuum cleaner for a mere $8.95…for the works. Cheap at twice the price until you add up the cost of the ancillary items like the metal cover, the light bulb, the extension cord (the extra long one for $5.00), etc.

Well, recently, I finally relented and decided to get a new television for my office. It was time, really, since of late, when I turned it on it would arc and sputter until it warmed up and even then the picture would kind of pulse, like it might have wanted to shrink away into that little dot that used to happen on television sets of yore…remember that? See? I’m old. But it was company here in my home office nonetheless.

Well the replacement came, a behemoth of a thing–the works, so to speak– and in seconds it was assembled and sitting on the little cabinet, all wired up and plugged in and begging for its virginal run. But the picture was horrible. Long story short, I would need to use HD cables to get the most of this HD set. As it turns out, I had a set of video cables I had intended to use for the one upstairs but never did. But I got no sound and couldn’t use the regular wires for the audio because they had to be component audio.

“Hello, Radio Shack, how may I help you? Oh yes, we have that wire, all brands and lengths. No, we have plenty, no need to put any aside for you. You’re welcome.”

That was Tuesday during the day and after work, while it was teeming rain, I ran to Radio Shack and explained what I was there for, as one of the two employees made off for the back room with his bag from Wendy’s and the girl closed up her Wendy’s bag and left it on the front counter and asked me to repeat what I was looking for. I suspect my arriving at “dinner” time was the reason there wasn’t a wire like what I needed anywhere to be found in the store. “No, we don’t have that kind of wire”, she half-dismissively explained as we pored through the display. Really? At Radio Shack? Enjoy your Wendy’s.

I never realized watching TV would turn into such a chore. After dinner, I searched online and found a set of component video/audio cables on Ebay and they were rather inexpensive and due to arrive by this coming Friday or Saturday.

But riding to the rescue was Ariel who texted me a picture of his early morning Walmart purchase yesterday morning of a set of component video/audio cables (he was stopping for some Christmas stuff anyway) and now the new TV is up and running to full HD capacity and I have the coils of unused wire to prove it and some still yet to arrive. Maybe I can sell some of them from the trunk of my car.

Happy Birthday to the Goddess, Happy Birthday Bette Midler! 


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