The Long and Short, Short of It

One day, two weeks ago, I had gotten an email from a writer’s magazine I once subscribed to about their latest short,short story contest.  This email came in one day before the deadline of the current contest. Unfortunately, my name is not Rumpelstiltskin. One time though, I did submit my story, “Grace”, which can be found on my main website  under The Novel> The Author and the link is in the second paragraph. Of course it didn’t win. In fact, I believe it never made it past the first round.

I had been toying with an idea for another short story–or I could make it a short, short story if I had to–concerning a family in these economically oppressive times and even have it outlined. In it, the family, like many others,  had been craftily lead into a life they had not expected could ever happen.

One day last week in the regular mail I received a letter and it was worded pretty much like I had imagined the one in my short story the family received was also worded. It kind of took my breath away because I never knew such a thing existed. Well, now that I know it does, even though there I was thinking I created the whole preposterous idea, I can use the actual letter as a true basis for the fictitious letter and have my short, short story ready for the next deadline.


Harkening back to my blog from last Friday, the “it takes a village” theme, there was another issue I’d heard about that made me shake my head in confusion. A San Francisco city law took effect on December 1, banning those free toys with kids’  “happy meals” offered at McDonald’s and Burger King as a way to discourage eating the foods that are high in fat, salt and sugar. However, for an additional ten cents, they’ll throw in the toy. Hmmmm.

McDonald’s has stated they’ll use those extra dimes to fund the building of a Ronald McDonald House in Mission Bay at the University of California-San Francisco Medical Center. Sounds vaguely familiar…oh, yes, the NY/NJ Port Authority toll hike to help rebuild the World Trade Center, though now the kibosh has been thrown down that the extra toll monies must NOT be used for anything other than transportation concerns. We’ll see about that. Anyway, going back to the happy meal situation, Burger King hasn’t yet decided what to do with their amassed fortune.

And again, it’s for the kids, I know, but I disagree with everyone else having to take the fall when parents don’t want to put their feet down and say no, you can’t have that iPad, or Xbox game or that happy meal because it’s not healthy.


One Response to “The Long and Short, Short of It”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Go for the short, short story contest! Good luck!!

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