Out With The Trash

I got a couple of cool Christmasy things to keep you busy, but first I have to expand on that Facebook status update I made last night. Two of my friends clicked the “like” button and I’m not exactly sure how they meant it.

I was taking the garbage out last night. It was miserable and rainy. I got all the way up to the top of my driveway, about to turn the can around–because I like it facing a certain way for when the truck picks it up, otherwise the lid flaps backwards and stays open–when, through my rain-spotted glasses, I could make out a car swerving into my driveway and it came to a halt about 10 feet away from me. I was stunned, to say the least and it was almost like a standoff for the passing fleeting seconds as the driver seemed intent on getting passed me to turn around (as so many cars use my driveway to do–oh how I’d love to rig my driveway with some sort of James Bondian device to annihilate trespassers)–and I stood there in my best What the F! stance. Not sure if it was actually a standoff, but when you see your life prospectively flash before your eyes and the last thing you’re doing is taking out the garbage, all sorts of things cross your mind like, wow, this guy’s a jackass, or hmm, I wonder if I should get out of his way… Well, he completed his U-Turn finally and sped off down the highway. I just stood there shaking my head for several more seconds getting soaked and then went about my business.

Okay, here are two Christmas favorites I like to post every year. And joy of joys, I see one of them has a mobile app, so guess who’ll be searching that out later on today.  And while I’m at it, I’ll be looking for the other was well. Why not?


PS: Don’t forget to “follow” me using the gray box in the bottom right hand corner. Takes the guess work out of when I’ve updated my blog. And, please…pass the word to your friends, families, or even people you don’t like…that’ll teach ‘em!



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