Oh No

I came in, in the middle of a Barbara Stanwyck movie, B.F.’s Daughter, yesterday afternoon, (and really, who can turn away from a Barbara Stanwyck movie?). I’m not exactly sure what it was about but in one scene, she folded up a sofa bed. At first I was surprised because I hadn’t expected to see a sofa bed in a 1948 movie and I wondered just when the sofa bed first became popular, so I did some looking around.

Leonard C. Bailey is credited with patenting the first folding bed in 1899. The metal frame was collapsible and it later became known as the hide-a-bed. Then of course came the Murphy Bed, also known as a library bed, patented by William Lawrence Murphy, which folded into a wall closet. In 1931, Bernard Castro opened a shop in New York where he sold the famous Castro Convertible, which more resembles the sofa beds of today and which was in the movie.

You know how word association is and how catchphrases work. Anytime the name Barbara Stanwyck comes up here it is usually followed with an “Oh no” by either one or both of us in a tone that somewhat mimics the star’s sultry smoky voice and it’s a phrase she seems to say in most of her pictures with very little fluctuation.  And her trademark intonation of that line opens it up for use in any occasion, from surprise to consternation.

So, that got me wondering if there was a montage “Oh no” video, but I found a short blooper set. And that got me looking for the funny self-mocking scene Joan Crawford did in 1949’s “It’s A Great Feeling” and I found it.

And, oh my, I wasn’t going to even bother ever blogging about this, but how is this for shooting yourself in the only other foot you have left? I can just hear Miss Stanwyck’s “Oh no,” now. Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Joseph Amendola, who, when confronting the press, said that for anyone who believes his client is a child molester should call “1-800-REALITY”. I’m thinking he may have meant it as in the phrase reality check, but, as it turns out, that number belongs to a gay sex phone line and for 99 cents a minute you can, well, you know…

Not for sensitive ears!


One Response to “Oh No”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Very interesting about that “couch bed!” What amazes me is that I have slept on those things … late 80’s/early 90’s, and they’re not very comfortable!!! You would think in 100 years, they could have improved it enough to be somewhat sleepable! (Sleepable? Well, you know what I mean.)

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