I Love A Parade

Here in my town–along the street in front of my house, to be precise–a Christmas Parade goes by on one certain night and it’s sponsored by the fire house, which is curiously tucked in a residential area sandwiched between two houses. That’s got to be a thrill when the sirens go off. Or maybe the neighbors have grown an immunity to it like we sort of did when we lived in Newark, for all intents and purposes directly behind the runway at the airport. It wasn’t so bad when planes were landing from the north when the engines were quieter but when they took off in that direction, with thrusters at full throttle, and especially on overcast days when their ceiling was lower, the house would rattle. But after a while, you almost get used to it. No, that never happened. You never got used to it.

Well, anyway, since the first time we saw the parade, which consists of a lead fire engine, an ambulance, perhaps a car (or maybe the impatient jerk just thought it would be fun to be in a parade–kind of like insinuating one’s self into a funeral procession–and a rear fire engine, all decked out in Christmas lights and delightfully pastel Christmas colors, (one year it was even flurrying which made it look so magical) we look forward to seeing it every year. Trouble is, we never really know when it’s coming and this past Friday…let’s see, that was the 16th if memory serves me,  was no exception. There we were, catching up on some TV, chowing down on some Chinese when suddenly Ariel shouted, “It’s the parade!”. By the time I looked up, it has gone by. (It’s a very small parade…see above). Well, since the firehouse is just two short blocks away from us, and drawing from past experience, we knew it was going to make a return trip. So, armed with my cell phone camera set for video I went outside on that brisk night poised to record the parade’s retreat and post it to Facebook (and probably even to my blog if it would let me what with all it’s surmounting restrictions of late) and  I was sure I’d be the envy of all my cyber- friends.

When after approximately a half hour had ticked by and no parade was in sight, I gave up and went inside, back to the television. Sure as I’m pecking out this tale, not five minutes later, that infernal parade when chugging by the house.

But I didn’t come away empty handed from that experience. I now have a miserable cold, the kind that can’t seem to make up it’s mind if it’s going to hang around for a few days with a damn burst of… “stuff”, clear out and move on. And of course there’s the back and forthing of not having a voice, which is always fun.

Let’s see, today is the 20th, which means yesterday was the 19th and we got a mailing from the township announcing the parade..


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