A Hoarse Humpday

I don’t have much in the way of a blog today, but I wanted to share a fun Christmas video I got in my email from a friend…thanks, Ken. Plus, the more I blog this month, the more you get to see it snow across the page. I initiated that a few years ago and I guess the setting is permanent and atuomatic until I remove it.  I always thought it would be cool for flowers to rain down in the spring and gold and red leaves float across the page in autumn, but that’s just me and my grotesque expectations.  And here’s how observant I am–I don’t remember when it starts, perhaps December 1 and I also can’t recall when it stops falling, if Christmas is the cut off or the end of December. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t fall all winter.

On that note, while I countdown to Friday, a day promising much fun and excitement, I will continue to nurse my cold, try to figure out how to shut off Facebook on my iPod (I hate these apps that assume you know how to work them), and debate whether I can stand another day without shaving. It’s been two weeks, well, since the 11th, when I was making myself as presentable as possible for the company Christmas party  and I have what might be considered a 5 o’clock shadow and half at this point and my skin is crawling. It’s both a blessing and a curse, but at least it saves on the cost of razor blades. They are so expensive.

In the meantime, enjoy my snowfall and the video.



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