The World, In Jeopardy

I’ll take Famous First Ladies for $200, the answer is: “She lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself.” What is what Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner said about Michelle Obama?  That is correct.

I’ll take Changing Meteorological Phenomena  for $200. The answer is, “50 degrees”.  “What is what the temperature was at 6 o’clock this morning, the first day of winter 2011?. Yes, go again.

I’ll take What In the World? for $600. The answer is: “Bobby Montoya”.  “Who is the seven year old boy who identifies as a girl, whose mother calls him her daughter who isn’t allowed to join the Girl Scouts because, well, he’s a boy?” That’s right.

I’ll take Lame Excuses Or Ways To Attain Fifteen Minutes of Fame for $800. “The answer is: “Kleinfelter’s Syndrome.” “What is the excuse Doreen Byrne, 20-year old Taylor Giresi’s grandmother used to defend the young man when he was arrested after beating David Ivins, a Belmar NJ homeless man and had an unidentified minor friend videotape it and upload it to Youtube?” Yes, and sadly, the man, who’s “home” was a makeshift leanto in the woods, and who has garnered widespread sympathy from this “Merry Christmas” beating (what Giresi said to him after the beating had stopped) just suffered a seizure, a result of the attack when he was picking up a new bicycle that was donated to him at the police station to replace the one the attackers stole from him. Well, the grandmother said she isn’t making excuses for her grandson and knows he’ll probably go away for a long time, she only offered his having this extra X-chromosome as a way to explain his abhorrent behavior… Uh, yes, that is, sadly…correct.


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