Sleep.  Whoops. Today was the day I was to get my sorry self back out on the street for my four-mile walks but having checked the weather forecast yesterday and seeing the temperature was going to be an insanely low degree, I thought better than trudging out in the freezing cold. I mean, there has to be a limit, after all, even if my walking would be a major health benefit. I don’t need to add hypothermia to the mix of high cholesterol and high blood pressure and aching joints (recall the grimacing detail resulting from getting out of my comfy red chair..). Why not do a round of aerobics, instead? I would have except that I slept past the time I would otherwise have been finished. Well, it was really too cold to get out of bed.

Apparently this is just a temporary cold snap and maybe tomorrow morning I can get out there. I need to drop some weight…yes, it’s that time again. I’ve only had since November when I last saw my doctor, but now March will be here before I know it when I have to go have blood drawn again to see how my numbers are doing and if they haven’t adjusted enough to the doctor’s satisfaction I’ll be going on whatever is they give people with high cholesterol and I really don’t want to be on any more meds than I have to be.  Being on the blood pressure Rx is one Rx too many…I just don’t want to live out of a medicine bottle if I can avoid it.

In a complete non-sequitur, as I’m writing this, I’ve got I Love Lucy playing in the background, which has finally returned after a month-long stint of Christmas-themed movies on The Hallmark Channel. Anyhow, it’s the episode where Sam and Nancy Johnson, the oil tycoons move into the building and in short order the Ricardo’s and the Mertz’s invest. Later, when a detective friend of Fred’s asks about Sam Johnson, the foursome assume they’ve been swindled and it turns out, after Lucy gathers “evidence” of the con, the detective reappears after just making a windfall coincidentally after someone just returned some stock and everyone gets mad at Lucy. However, if you listen carefully, it’s Ricky who plants the idea they’d been duped after the investigator first arrives… “suppose he doesn’t want to see Mr. Johnson about buying some stock…” which prompts Lucy to exclaim, “We have been swindled!” How about that? I can’t find a video online. Nevertheless, I declare Lucy free from blame in this caper. So let it be written….


2 Responses to “Ready…Set….”

  1. Maria Spressler Says:

    good luck Brian…. my blood pressure is perfect, but I do have very high cholesterol and take Vytorin for it, apparently it’s hereditary as well as dietary….I’m also back to getting my miles in which always helps me feel better and takes away the aches and pains of inactivity!! wish you all the best on your journey to good health 🙂

  2. Melissa Says:

    Exercise is truly the key to many great things 🙂 But actually doing it … or I should say, STARTING … is kind of a drag. Good luck!!!

    In other news, IL is expecting 50-degree weather by the end of the week. ?? We’re all wondering where winter is! It’s like a silent killer that is waiting pounce on us at any moment! Yipe! Meanwhile, we can thank the up-and-down temps for many sniffles and scratchy throats!

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