So You Think You Can Dream

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten. ~ B. F. Skinner

All of a sudden I feel like Thindy Brady this morning. I went to put some mail in the box and my one ankle felt sore. When I was coming back in, my foot rolled over something and my other ankle sort of twisted. I’m okay.

Last night, I had an interesting dream. It was quick so I’ll see if I can turn it into a lengthy dissertation…you know how I am. I was on a train back and from the clothes everyone was wearing it must have been turn of the century–19th to the 20th. Apparently, as far as I could tell, I was a groom. Right there you can tell it was a dream, but my supposed wife, was in a really spectacular gown; cinched at the waist like a wasp, big billowy shoulder things, skin tight arms with buttons all down the sleeves, a long lacy train. The scene opens with the train stopped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but grassy fields all around and we must have fought because she hurled the pitcher from a washbowl and pitcher set at me. I ducked and it flew through a narrow side door in the car. Everyone, wedding guests, I’m assuming, stood around laughing at the situation, or me, most likely.

I decided to retrieve the pitcher, but because I couldn’t squeeze through the same door, I would leap from the observation deck at the rear of the car (luckily we were in the last car of the train) and I went to jump over the railing, the train began to move and I went flying as though I had hurled myself from the Amtrak Acela. I stood up, dusted myself off as the train continued to slowly chug away as my unemotional “bride” and her party disappeared from view. Obviously the sense of loss was greater over the pitcher than of her because I smiled slightly when I cluthed it to my chest, seeing it had been undamaged in the melee.

I crossed the tracks and realized the second track bed had been dug up and all that was left was overturned old crusty earth. I continued up the slight hill and as I crested I could see I was in the park where I spent many a day in my youth and people were playing Frisbee and running around with their dogs and cars were everywhere. I walked on and suddenly another familiar sight came into view. I was on the hill at the campground.

That can only mean one thing… March needs to get here so we can make our camping reservations. What the train and pitcher had to do with anything… any guesses?

And real quick, in the world of entertainment… Producer Nigel Lythgoe has announced that due to lagging ratting for So You Think You Can Dance, Elimination Night will be discontinued. Viewers can still vote, but the guy and girl of the bottom six with the lowest votes will be eliminated at the beginning of the following week’s show. This will help eliminate the need to fill another hour-long show with all kinds of nonsense beyond the  few seconds of each of the contestants’ “dance for their lives” (which is the reason no one is tuning in). I can only hope other competition shows follow suit. But I like that idea and I like the fact that the Fox Network realized there was a problem and did something to correct it. Now if he would do the same for American Idol.

And, if only the d**kheads at ABC would have thought the same thing, we wouldn’t be losing our soaps. YES!!! I’m still on that!

Have a lovely day folks.

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