Strange Days Indeed

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. ~ Plutarch

The stats helper monkeys have been busy, so I’m told, putting together a personalized report on how my blog did in 2011. And since it’s because of you guys out there reading me, whether it’s every day or even once in a while (and you’re telling your friends, right?) I thought I’d share those findings.

First of all, the blog was viewed approximately 11,000 times in 2011. The monkeys say that it would take 4 sold out performances at the Sydney Opera House for that many people to see it. I had 148 new posts in 2011 and 256 new pictures. The busiest day of last year was January 26 with 243 views and the most popular post that day was “A Wednesday Smorgasbord” from July 28 when I posted about President Obozo visiting the Tastee Sub Shop in my hometown of Edison.

Most of the visits were prompted by my tags about Bugs Bunny. That was actually the day after his birthday. You found me from my website, Facebook, WordPress (the host of the blog), stumbleupon and squeerl and most of you were from the United States with some visitors from Canada and Australia…Australia?!… I also see pegs in South America, Europe and….is that Ireland? My top 5 commenters for 2011 were Melissa with 51, Donna with 15, Gary C. with 5, Help Save Our Soaps with 2 and Donna under another name with 2.

The top 5 posts that were viewed were: A Wednesday Smorgasbord, Never Forget 9/11/01-9/11/09, Like A Young Woman…Hey, We Have A Winner, and Samedi Gras.

Thank you all. I try to be entertaining. I try to be informative. I try to express my opinion, sometimes in a snarky sarcastic way. Most of the time I’m just rambling. It’s what I do normally anyway. And I plan on continuing and I hope you’re here with me (and your friends….ahem!)

In other news, Casey Anthony has a new laptop. “I finally have something I can call mine.”

Here’s something odd. You know it was super cold, in the low 20’s, for the last few days and by tomorrow, it’s supposed to be in the 50’s. Perfect weather for taking down Christmas. Huzzah! But it’s no secret the weather has just been wacked out all over the place. I mean, it’s been pretty much precipitating since last December 26, 3 days after our patio was completed and then this summer just seemed to rain non-stop. Well, whenever we had something planned outdoors or went camping, but that’s like putting jelly with peanut butter. Anyway, something caught my eye yesterday afternoon when I went to get my mail (I didn’t roll my ankle this time) and I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

My daffodils are beginning to sprout. It is January 6, is it not?

Have a fun weekend everyone!


One Response to “Strange Days Indeed”

  1. Melissa Says:

    51 comments, huh??? 🙂 Well, I do enjoy your blog a great deal! I feel informed and entertained and generally in-the-loop after I read it.

    As to this Spring-like weather… as nice as it is, there is something a bit uneasy about 60-degree weather in January! ??

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