Between Heaven & One Life to Live, 2…

The Buchanan’s rode into town in the early ‘80’s with spurs a-jangling and dust rising up behind them and they forever changed the landscape of Llanview. Their history is a rich as One Life to Live itself and their wealth rivaled if not bettered that of the Lords’. They put down stakes and had no intention of ever leaving. And money married money, so to speak when Clint and Viki wed. And though there had been other husbands ever since, I think Viki’s heart was always with Clint.

Another scandal would rock Llanview years after Karen Wolek’s prostitution trial and that was Marty (the party girl) Saybrooke’s gang rape. She was attacked by a group of fraternity brothers the night of a party on campus and the attackers included Zak (a frat brother) Powell (a Lord cousin), Kevin Riley Buchanan (Viki’s son) and Todd Manning, (Viki’s half-brother). Again, in true soap opera fashion, Todd would become the misunderstood character we eventually came to hate and feel sympathy for at the same time, cheering him on when he tried to do good and deservedly booing and hissing him when he exhibited his unwavering unscrupulous ways of getting what he wanted.

But rape and prositution weren’t the only topics the denizens of Llanview tackled on a daily basis. Besides the basic infidelity, death and baby switching plotlines they also covered teenage pregnancy, corporate greed, kidnapping, incest, homosexuality, spousal abuse, child abuse, evangelism, mental illness, AIDS, prejudice, obesity, infertility, social diversity and bias and more recently, bullying. Then on the next day….

I mentioned Kevin above and that brought to mind which actor it was. There were numerous who stepped into Kevin’s shoes. Like in all soaps, actors are changed because the characters are sometimes being led in a different direction as storylines dictate. Other times, of course, actors leave when their contracts expire to move on to other projects.  And sadly replacements are needed when actors die. Some, well, one really, for some other reason that was later revisited in a moment of comic relief. Some changes are for the better making it nearly impossible to believe his or her predecessor could have made the same accomplishments in the role. And some characters we are just plain lucky enough to see grow up on the show.

Here are some of them:







One Response to “Between Heaven & One Life to Live, 2…”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Oh my goodness, this is all so touching! I don’t want it to end!!! Come back to us, One Life to Live!!!

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