One Life To Live…Forever.

Today is the final episode of One Life to Live. It’s been an emotional week, and I have been awash in tears, I’m just not ready for this day. Thankfully the terror of one possible ending that began with last Thursday’s episode has been reversed, because losing our heroine would not have been acceptable, but yet we must prepare for an ending nonetheless. And now, as the Kleenex piles up around us all, we must bid farewell to Llanview and to “friends” and “family” we’ve known over 40 years.

Why all the fuss over a soap opera?  If you’re a soap fan you already know the answer. But how do I describe it to those who aren’t in a few short lines? Compare it to the feeling you might get at the end of a really good engaging book. It leaves you wanting more, except this “book” keeps on telling a story. Or like a good friend; there’s a bond between you that exclusively you both understand. Soaps entertain, (with sometimes incredibly far-fetched stories), they inform, and can comfort in a subtle way with mirrored real-life situations, all without talking down to you or making you feel worthless and with words that don’t need to be bleeped out. It’s a moment of escape in a crazy manic world. It’s purely entertainment.

But the battle rages on to keep the shows alive, to find them a home, to get the rights to the shows back to Agnes Nixon. ABC especially, and Prospect Park, since now it’s thought they were nothing more than a smoke screen to keep us quiet, should put their claims to the test, that there is no audience left for the soaps and let Ms Nixon shop them around again to see if anyone bites. Since ABC wants to be out of the soap business what to they have to lose? They don’t want to be wrong and have someone else profit on something they know they could restructure and repackage and keep their audience.

So for now, as the hankies pile up around us all on this last day, all we can really do that would exhibit true homage to One Life to Live is to be thankful at all for the years we had, for the memories it gave us, for the conversations it struck up among friends who also watched, and to thank Agnes Nixon and to hope, perhaps against all odds, One Life to Live will resurface in the not too distant future.



One Response to “One Life To Live…Forever.”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I took an hour of personal time today so I could watch the entire last episode on my lunch break. Now that it’s over, I suppose I will be switching to “Cash Cab” on my lunches.

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