Now We’re In The SOPA

Gosh, it’s Thursday already. It’s been a roller coaster of a week (on a personal level) and just like that it got to be almost the weekend. But something is in the works that I wanted to share with you.

Sopa, if you’re not aware, is Spanish for soup, as in now we’re in the soup. SOPA, if you’re not aware is an acronym for Stop Online Piracy Act. If this bill passes, what you or I can do online will become a whole lot different. I probably will not be able to post pictures or videos I find on the internet other that what I create myself.  All that file sharing is things that are available to, well, share and to help punch up not only my blog, but blogs in general that want to just entertain or bring across a point of view.

PIPA, a sister bill to SOPA is the idea that would give the government power to block access to sites that corporations don’t like, cutting sites off from making donations or payments or even advertising. and threaten sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

The movement seems to have stemmed from Hollywood movie studios intent on stopping the piracy of their films. Well, if they weren’t on there in the first place….  But the bill could also domino down and effect everyone who networks socially online.

Should SOPA/PIPA pass in the vote on January 24, sites such as the host of this blog, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube could be shut down if the practice of posting copyrighted pictures persists. The whole idea of blogging or Facebooking is connecting with society on issues, sharing common interests or otherwise just entertaining, so there would be no videos of cats and birds being insanely adorable, or watching  Richard, aka Bighead and Johnny, aka 10 Gauge from North Carolina selling furniture to white people and black people, Expanics… and all people.

One way I read of keeping track is to assign each Internet user an ID number and any “illegal” activity can be tracked back to that user, but, and I might be ignorant in this, but doesn’t each computer already have an IP (Internet Protocol) address?

So now, along with s saying yes to the smoking ban like a herd of sheep (oh, my clothes won’t smell at the end of the night), to saying yes, we must wear a helmet to ride a bike (I’m 51 years old, have fallen off my bike numerous times as a kid…hmm…never mind) and yes, we must buckle up and put kids in a booster seat until the age of 21 or for life if he’s really short). Yes, we can’t eat runny eggs, yes we can’t have too much coffee… NO, we don’t have to say yes to censorship. It’s time we can make a stand and vote against this bill.  I support the opposition and that’s why the “stop censorship” ribbon is on this page.

Click here and fill out the quick form if you feel the same way. I did.

And here, before it’s too late:

Oh, yeah, and some theatergoers have requested refunds when they realized The Artist is a silent movie.


One Response to “Now We’re In The SOPA”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Okay, that video is THEEEE cutest!!!!!

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