The Shadow Knows

The report from Gobbler’s Knob, Pennsylvania, after Punxsutawney Phil was roused from his slumber with this proclamation, looking out among the crowd awaiting his decision: Many shadows do I see, Six more weeks of winter it must be.

You know what pisses me off the most about that? I don’t know if it’s recent, due to stupid political correctness or if it was this way all along, but the uppity news people on TV do their best to make a huge joke of it. Come on, people, it’s just a fun tradition. Get over it.

Show of hands…how many of you remember when I was chronicling my family history? If you don’t, why not check it out at my website, listed under McGinty Chronicles. It’s set up a little confusingly, but fear not, I’ll get you through it. Click on my website and find McGinty Chronicles in the slide out menu on the left. Click on the main button and that will open the welcome page. After that, on the slide out menu, you can choose the JL Bio Page. After that the story begins with The Chronicles, but you’ll have to start with the very last entry on that page, which is really the first entry of the entire Chronicle. The rest of the chapters (Chronicles 2009, Hot Off The Presses and Out On A Limb) follow the same routine, reading from the bottom. Along with a interesting assembled story, there is documentation and family artifacts that date back as far as The Civil War.

Why am I bringing this up, other than hoping new readers will enjoy it? Because I wanted to show off a recent asquisition. In a bittersweet moment, I came into possession of another family artifact. It was while we were in Illinois two weeks ago and my step-mother sent me home with what my father had always intended me to have. A chair. The chair. The chair that was made by Thomas Wyatt, my great-great grandfather, of the main players in McGinty Chronicles.


As you can see in the last picture, on the top rung is the date 1877 and on the second rung, the initials T. W. S. One thing I’m not quite sure about is whether the caning is original, although judging by the condition of it, I would dare say it has been redone. Plus, I also think at one point the chair was repainted and the wicker seems to cover the paint job. The seat, by the way, has a height of 14″. Evidence–the height of the chair and the size of his money belt, which seen in person is rather telltale–says he was a man of slight build.

The future of the Chronicles? My intention is to continue them but with the unfortunate passing of another source of information, Aunt Georgie, much of a segment of a certain period in time will have to be cleverly pieced together with what information is already known. I just have to get to it and get it going.


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