Rebel With A Winter Coat

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a rebel..well, maybe just a little, but I don’t like doing things that don’t seem to make sense. But when they want something, they don’t mess around. A while back, I got a letter in the mail announcing I’d be getting a survey, a census of a sort, sent anonymously to my address, for this, that and the other reason. Then I got a post card saying I should have received the survey. Well, I had already filled out the census the first time around and saw no need to do it again, plus on this one they wanted my name (and Ariel’s), our address, phone numbers, rank and serial numbers. How anonymous is that? We put it aside and ultimately received another letter saying they (the Government) had not yet received our form. Then I started getting faxes asking for the completion of the thing. Ariel called and found out it’s a legitimate and random thing that’s been happening pretty much since the Pilgrims stepped foot on Plymouth Rock. (There’s that name again…LET’S GO PATS!). Not only did I get another reminder letter yesterday, but a woman, equipt with a Governmental ID hooked around her neck and a stack of calling cards in her shirt pocket that had the notice on them that she was required to return again and again until she attained the necessary information came a-knockin’, nestling  her open laptop to her bosom ready to question me at my front door. Well, that wasn’t going to happen. I told her the questionnaire was already sent. Had it been? I’ll never tell. 

I think that groundhog was right yesterday. Everything was fine in the beginning of the week, until that prognosticating little rodent saw his shadow. The temperatures were so nice and mild, I almost felt like strolling about in the all together, but I learned my lesson once about doing that in public. Besides, I live on busy street. But this morning my winter coat almost wasn’t enough coverage to get to the mailbox. Nice going, Phil!

You’ve heard about John Goodman, haven’t you? No, not the star of the Roseanne Barr show, but the wealthy Floridian involved in a vehicular homicide case. Goodman is facing a wrongful death suit from when he ran a stop sign. Results from a sobriety test showed his blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit that night when Scott Patrick Wilson was killed.  However, in a mind-boggling turn, Goodman, who already has a trust set up for his two minor children, found a way to further protect his assets from going to the Wilson family should they win their civil case against Goodman in March. He adopted his 42 year old girlfriend as his daughter so he could legally give her a third of his trust. Goodman’s lawyer insists this move was NOT spurred on by the lawsuit. Smart? Scummy?



One Response to “Rebel With A Winter Coat”

  1. Melissa Says:

    1. Ha!! You forgot to mail the survey back, didn’t you??

    2. I had to actually scrape ice/snow off of my windshield every morning this week before work!!! What gives?? I was definitely spoiled with the mild winter temperatures we had been having …

    3. Scummy!!

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