I, Pod, Being Of Aggravating Mind

Actually this is a call out to anybody who may have had the same trouble with their iPod Touch; I could use your advice or brainpower. The other day, I saw I had a system upgrade to my iPod, formerly a 4, to a IOS5. Of course, on the laptop not being the “home” computer where the iPod is registered warned me that my contents would be wiped out, so I waited until I would be on my big computer. Long story short (good luck on that one), after all the processes were complete I had some serious decided troubles with my unit.

The first thing was, none of my apps were opening; they’d flash like they were going to spring into action but then if failed and went back to the desktop. No matter which app I tried to open, I had the same result.

Needless to say, I was prostrate with frustration. By luck, Ariel attempted to remove one of them to reinstall and after he did that they all seemed to be A-Okay. Okay, fine. Then I couldn’t load my email, nor my Facebook and that was a completely different situation, but I’m sure it was precipitated by this system upgrade. I have since conquered that battle, but one last frontier remains unconquerable.

I lost the album artwork for most of my albums. Kind of. It’s a weird story. First of all, I created it all myself, meaning, I didn’t download them from iTunes, but copied and pasted them. The main reason is, is because around here, iTunes is synonymous with Murphy’s Law..something always goes wrong. See if you can follow this:

There are certain albums on the iPod that have album art attached. Those same albums appear in the iTunes Library. Normally I keep the library cleaned out after a CD gets into the iPod to keep my computer from having too much going on. I only keep things that I otherwise downloaded or got from another source; things I don’t have ready access to should they have to be replaced and I don’t know how these other albums got in library.

When the iPod is connected to the computer, however, I can see the artwork for ALL the albums, even though they don’t appear on the iPod. So, I’m going through all 574 albums, copying the artwork, then I will strip off the music and reinstall it. I’ve already tried copying it directly into the iPod from the “get info” option but that’s not working.

Anybody have any other ideas before I embark on this stripping venture?

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One Response to “I, Pod, Being Of Aggravating Mind”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Wow. Sounds like a lot of technology hassle 😦 This is why I am not a huge fan of computers. It’s just too hard to do what you want! Good luck!!

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