Yes, Lorraine, There Is A…

Remember all those news stories during the height of Christmas shopping season when total strangers were paying off peoples’ layaway purchases in stores? Heartwarming? Yes. I especially remember the story about the young boy who took his piggy bank money to his local department store and had lawaway clerks awash in tears. You hear those kinds of stories and you think it makes no other difference in your own life other than bringing a tear to your eye or touching your heart, assuming you have at least half a heart.

I was talking to my aunt yesterday, catching up with what’s been happening since my father passed away and we covered everything in those twenty minutes from politics, to air travel, to the weather, to an unbelievable story of good humanitarianism.

My aunt Lorraine, aka. the Southern Dudette, the Packrat of the South, and, of course,  Sally Field, was out shopping and standing in line and struck up a conversation with a gentleman in line with her. She said they spoke for about twenty minutes about the topic of money and how everyone is cutting corners nowadays. I really don’t remember the specifics she mentioned, but that more or less covers it. He got checked out and left and she soon was on her way. As she crossed the parking lot she heard the man calling to her, telling her he had something he wanted to give her. Cautiously, as he approached him, he held out his hand and he dropped what he was holding into hers and told her it was something to help her out. When she got in her car, she uncrumpled what the stranger dropped into her hand and found it was a $100 dollar bill. I could hear her choking up as she told me the story. She said it renewed her faith in people.

Okay, now it’s time for an update or two, to send you off on your weekend.

SOPA: the bill to impose copyright infringement on just about everything on the internet….DEFEATED.

JOHN GOODMAN: the guy who adopted his girlfriend as his daughter. Oof! What I didn’t know was that he’s the founder of the Polo Club Palm Beach who is facing manslaughter charges from a DUI accident in which it’s alleged he killed 23 year old Scott Wilson after driving his Bently into the young man’s car, knocking it into a river where the driver drowned is being SUED by his two teenage children against the adoption that would further divvy up their share of their more than $300 million trust fund.

And then here’s one I just don’t buy: See this picture?

A spokesperson, Maj. Gabrielle Chapin at Camp Pendleton said it was a naive mistake made by the Marines who believed the SS symbol was meant to represent Sniper Scouts. Really? They’re in the military and they don’t recognize one of the most notorious symbols of all time?

Have a nice weekend!


One Response to “Yes, Lorraine, There Is A…”

  1. Melissa Says:

    There are definitely good people out there, and it is nice when they have the opportunity to shine!

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