Monday Mourning

What shocking news we had this weekend, that Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room, the day before the Grammy Awards. Of course every news outlet was on it and playing detective, all trying to out-sleuth the other and solve the cause of death. Well, as of this morning, I understand the autopsy was completed and the only information the coroner’s office is reporting is there was no signs of foul play or trauma and complete results, pending toxicology reports to be concluded and could be released in 6 to 8 weeks.

RIP, Whitney Houston

Meanwhile, I was listening also to a commentary on the habits of voters across the nation who dish out excuses for not casting their votes for many reasons including inconvenient times and a thought came to me. In this day and age with lots of travel for business or what have you combined with the fact that nowadays just about every move one makes is “watched”, and taking the proxy vote a step further, why can’t registered voters vote from remote locations? Voters could carry a credit card-like voter card, find a computer somewhere, (or a swipe thing-a-ma-jig) sign in with your info, cast your vote, and continue on with your Mai Tai. Just a thought.

On the iPod front, you might be glad to know the entire music catalog was backed up. It took about 2 hours for the initial backup to an external storage device and that was repeated to back it up onto my laptop. The curious thing is, the album covers (the entire reason for all this) which were visible on the computer when the iPod was plugged into it, but not on the iPod itself, carried over in the backup. So, basically the task at hand is to remove each album from the iPod and replace from the backup files and the art work goes with it. Out of the 574 I’m transferring, I made it all the way through the O’s so far. I might be a lot further if that infernal iTunes would stop crashing on me. But it’s easier than loading disc by disc so I should just shut up and be satisfied.

And onto Monday, full steam ahead!

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