Wanna Trade Lunches?

I think the handwriting has been on the wall for a long time that something like this could have happened. It’s the oft-times unnecessary governmental involvement in our everyday lives.

I always harken back to the smoking ban…wait, I’ll go back one step further–the runny egg debacle, when it was “unlawful” to order an egg with a runny yoke. Or how about the time I caused a ruckus in an Atlantic City restaurant when I couldn’t get my burger cooked the way I wanted it, as per the notation on the menu– *cooked to order*. I ended up bringing a way over due pregnant manager to tears arguing back and forth that well done, how they were cooking their burgers, was not to my liking and that I should be served something else from  the menu for the price I was willing to pay for the burger and suggested they had better redesign their menu.

Then there was the smoking ban which really got my goat. Not being a smoker it came as a surprise to most people how outraged I was. On the presumption I was a smoker, I took the stance of why should I be asked to leave my meal or my companion in a restaurant to go stand in the rain and the cold to have a cigarette if it bothered the table next to me. Why couldn’t THEY go outside and let me enjoy my cigarette? After all, I’m paying my hard earned money to be in there just as much as that non-smoking table.

Then came the booster seat for kids up to the age of, what was it, 16? No, 8 or 9 or to a certain weight. And of course helmets for anyone who mounts a bicycle. Where was the intrusion going to stop?  How soon before my home was invaded?

Well, it wasn’t my home, but the home of a certain North Carolina family. The mother of a 4-year old pre-schooler received a note from the school that she would have to pay a fee of $1.25 for the lunch her daughter was given, to replace the lunch a state employee inspecting lunch boxes deemed unhealthy, that it did not meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines. The note explained that students who do not bring “healthy” lunches would be offered the missing portions, at a charge.

The following is taken directly from the article I found on this subject:

According to the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect her daughter against any backlash reported that the girl’s lunch that day consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, potato chips and apple juice. She also stated she never packs a vegetable because the girl is picky and probably wouldn’t eat them, but she watches her at home to make sure she eats them.

Seems to me, that the turkey and the cheese covers the protein, the grain and the dairy even if it was on white bread, but it was whole wheat. The apple juice and the banana covers the two servings of vegetables or fruit. (The lunch has to include a fruit or a vegetable, but not both, says Jani Kozlowski, the fiscal and statutory policy manager for the Division of Child Development). It’s also stated that there is no clear restriction on additional items, like potato chips, the can be included in home-packed lunches.

So, what did the school give her? Chicken nuggests, of which she ate three.



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One Response to “Wanna Trade Lunches?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I actually read the article about the school lunch from someone’s post on Facebook, and I think I am still speechless. I can’t quite come up with the right words for this situation. Unbelievable might be one … ridiculous, sad, frustrating, stupid, infuriating might be others.

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