Windmills, Tulips and…

First there was fire, then the wheel and then the standard by which all else is measured, sliced bread. Liquid paper was a miracle, the Snuggie, an apparent quirky success. And in the evident and often frustrating onslaught of technological advances (and I do mean the computer and its myriad  relations, not the light bulb or the wax roll phonograph…did you know they’re even reproducing the original Edison light bulb for fancy schmancy home lighting applications?)….man, I hate run on sentences. Let’s see…frustrating…advances…right… onslaught of technological advances, it’s easier than ever to get out an email or look up who starred in what movie. Especially if you have a pair of Beauty and the Geek….jeans.

Inventors Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit from the Dutch design company Nieuwe Heren have developed a pair of jeans with a fully functional keyboard built in, along with a mouse housed in the back pocket and there is even a set of speakers. A kind of new twist on the term “laptop”.

If it was a concern of yours, the weight difference in these jeans compared to regular non-technologically integrated denims is minimal, just slightly heavier, according to de Nijs. Along with Smit, they fashioned these jeans with the mind that one could still log into their computer without having to sit in a closed environment.

The jeans, which will tether to your computer via a wireless USB connection, are expected to sell for approximately £250, which translates to about $392.50.


Okay, let’s see, a keyboard on your pants to use… on a laptop, which already has a keyboard. Besides the novel idea behind the keyboard jeans, there are already instruments one can use to not have that closed in feeling; well, for one, the laptop, the iPad, most smartphones, like my new Droid Razr Maxx, (just as an example) and if all else fails, an iPod touch can work in a pinch. And all for around the same price, give or take.

And then, there’s the concern of laundering your stylin’ new laptop. And what if you spill your beer, will they short circuit? How about simply looking foolish?  And how durable is that space bar expected to be?  Something tells me it’ll get quite a workout, if you get my drift.  Honest, I was just typing, officer!

You know how I hate to poo-poo on anyone’s parade, after all, I did fall for those Eggies a while back, to the tune of 2 dozen,  but how about a rubbery roll-up blue tooth-connected keyboard like I got as a gift this past Christmas. It can be used with any wireless device such as a smartphone and if you find yourself in the immediate need of sending an email, you can do so–a little more encumbered than a normal keyboard, but less restrictive than the one on your phone.

Alack and alas, you may have to wait a while longer to get your very own pair of Beauty and the Geeks because the Dutch duo doesn’t have enough capital to mass produce the jeans.


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2 Responses to “Windmills, Tulips and…”

  1. kateshrewsday Says:

    😀 I love to learn new things… let us wait and wonder to see if there is someone out there who will back the keyboard jeans *snicker*

  2. Melissa Says:

    Not having enough money to mass produce those jeans is probably best for everyone!

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