Sam, Just Sam

Sometimes you just gotta say F it and put off until tomorrow what must be put off until tomorrow. I had intended to write about something I learned on the news and found a nice article to read on the topic and I was going to do that last night, but last night got long and the last thing I wanted to do was be on the computer.

So, this morning, in between phone calls–remember this is March 1 and the reservation phone line to schedule our camping dates is officially open–I tried to read that article on the laptop, with a cup of coffee and some spare time in the quiet solitude of the dining room. (Busy signal). But for some reason, the wireless connection is no good at that end of the house (for the laptop or the phone) in spite of the “hot spot” mi-fi we have in the kitchen. Alas. Not only that, but the article became confusing as it seemed to have little to do with the story on the news. Well, somewhat, but I was suddenly lost. (Busy signal).

(Busy signal) Ultimately I found a few other articles through different search terms and but today is really not the day to (busy signal) try to be creative. I need my camping dates. You know how they say what you do on New Year’s Eve you do for the rest of the year and you shouldn’t eat chicken or anything that scratches for its food as that would foretell your coming year. In Cuban tradition, we chug down 12 grapes, one for each of a coming fruitful month and toss out a pot of water, symbolically washing away the past year. (Busy signal) Where was I? So, the one thing that’s got me concerned is that it’s raining on this marathon phone calling day for camp. Oh, who am I kidding? It’ll always rain when we camp.  But, hey, maybe this is a good sign?

Sam, Just Sam is my personal assistant. On my Droid. Personal Assistant is Droid’s answer to iPhone’s Siri, who seems quite temperamental when asked to help with certain things (huh…oh, no, just a long pause before a busy signal). After I created the avatar, dressed in a vest and tie, real office attire and I chose a voice for him to use I humorously asked what his name was. “Just Sam” is what he said. “Nice to meet you Sam”, I said. “Nice to know you, Brian,” he responded and then I thought, cripes, (busy signal) I’m holding conversations with my cell phone. (Busy signal).

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