Tattoo You, Part 2

I ended up not getting my new ink last Friday as planned. Even though I had planned out my work week just so to be finished with my hours with enough time afterwards to changed and dash out the door, I got a call that my guy called out sick. You can’t whine in a case like that, like if the cable man cancels or something along those lines, until they send someone. After all, you have to remember that when you finally do see the guy, he’s the one holding that needle in his hand.  I had two options today or Thursday. While 2pm would be a more friendly time to go, it was for this coming Thursday and as I have a weekend event to attend, I didn’t want to be nursing a messy healing tattoo. My other option was for today at 5 and that would give me time to heal. Considering that on a good day, and by good I mean no traffic (remember I live in NJ and there’s no such thing as no traffic) getting there could take 20 minutes. At rush hour it’s anybody’s guess how much time to allow. But, barring another cancellation, today should be the day.

Technologically speaking, in this world of “instantness”, I had a strange wave come over me this past weekend. I actually wrote a letter, well, typed a letter, (I hand wrote the address on the envelope, if that matters…<insert smiley face>) to send out in the mail. After it printed and I stuffed it into the envelope, I went on to some other projects. Not long into those projects, I got this nagging thought in the back of my head,  why hadn’t I gotten a response yet?

Also this weekend, we went with a friend to see “Carrie” on Off-Broadway at the Lucille Lortel Theater. It was a musical version of the Stephen King classic. Not being a fan of Stephen King, nor of the movie (we watched it that morning so I could familiarize myself with the story more than what I already knew of it). I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and greatly entertained. The story didn’t seem so hokey, or dated and the musical numbers rivaled anything you might see in a big splashy Broadway production. And just this morning I’m reading one review which includes these statements:

One man’s trash and all that. I loved it and that’s why I don’t listen to alleged critics; I have my own mind and my own level of what I find entertaining. I gave it an 8.

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