Degrees Of Summer

It’s incredible, sometimes, to think how things have a way of coming together when you least expect it; sometimes huge things that can be mindboggling and sometimes just little everyday things that simply make you happy.

Last Thursday at the gym Ariel realized his workout partner had trouble concentrating on what he was doing being distracted by the music that was playing in the background until finally, between sets, he recalled how disco queen Donna Summer claimed that the sultry erotic lyrics of her mega-hit “Love To Love You, Baby” were an expression of her love of God. Ariel replied with “My God has a great sense of humor, but I don’t call him ‘baby’”. The conversation then turned to the length of the song–the extended mix clocks in at nearly 17 minutes–and how good it would be for jumping rope.

Later, at work, in between projects, rather than step outside to drink in a few moments of the balmy 70 plus degree fresh air, he decided to search for and download that song and after he confirmed with a quick text to his workout partner the title of it, which in fact was “Love To Love You, Baby,” and not “Spring Affair” which he suddenly thought it to be. And then, later, talking to me on the phone, telling me this story, and giving me some of the lyrics, I further rained on his parade and told him, the song was actually her version of Barry Manilow’s “Could It Be Magic” and not to buy it online because I had the long version at home and he could just download it to his phone from there. I assured him I had it on a special edition of Donna Summer extended mixes on my homemade series called Off The Record, which was a labor of love, though a painstaking project of transferring approximately 430 12″ dance remixes from vinyl to CD and ultimately onto my iPod. I want to do the same thing with my disco 45’s if and when I ever find them. I swear they were stolen when the air conditioning went in years ago, but Ariel assures me that couldn’t have happened. Still, against his better judgement, that it would have been a done deal if he would have just downloaded it, he decided to humor me and waited.

After dinner, he flipped through the CD case I keep all 36 volumes of Off The Record, in addition to the Donna Summer, Janet Jackson and techno editions, my copies of Chicken Man radio programs and, breaking the momentary stillness in the room, he shouted, “Look at this!”.

It was my DVD copy one of the last surviving clean video transfers of my 8mm home movies I’d been looking for to try to gather some stills via screenshots of the video player to add to the collection of pictures for the slide production my sister and her husband are working on for the Celebration of Life we having for my father later next month. I was devastated to the point of distraction when I couldn’t find that disc, because I knew exactly the shots I wanted to hopefully include. But there it was, sandwiched in between the pages of that CD binder book.

Coincidence? Dumb luck? Angelic intervention? I don’t know for sure so I’m guessing it was my angel helping me out. Thank you, EB.

As it turns out, “Could It Be Magic” was not on the Donna Summer edition, but I did have the longer version on another disc in my CD collection and that song is now on Ariel’s iPhone.


One Response to “Degrees Of Summer”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Very neat story! I would say definitely some divine intervention going on there. Cool!!

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