We Need A New Jersey

Remember the iPod snafu I ran into a few weeks ago, when I had to reload all my music so I could reattach the album art that got lost when I upgraded the iPod to IOS5? Well now comes another situation I need to tackle. The iPod is now full. 10,000 songs my foot. I have just over 5,000. Now I have to figure which of my coveted collection to delete so I can put on new coveted music. I guess I could live without The Best Of Trini Lopez so maybe that will save me some space.

My county ranked third in the healthiest in all of New Jersey. That’s because we drink coffee and eat chocolate here. Hunterdon and Morris counties were number 1 and 2 respectively.

Speaking of New Jersey, our illustrious governor signed into law that after two years, the state to recoup the value of unused gift cards. Actually this was done fairly early in his governing tenure. They’re (you know who they are, they’re everywhere and do everything) trying to have this measure stopped, but once it gets to Christie’s desk, you know he’ll veto it, since the original idea of grabbing this money that doesn’t belong to the government was his idea in the first place.

New Jersey will soon be required to obtain zip codes from gift card buyers so that the cards can be tracked and zapped when the two years is up. So far, American Express withdrew its gift cards from store shelves so they don’t have to put up with that nonsense.

This is a heartwarming story. Last week, the letter Dick Hauck wrote to his beloved Arlene in which he formally proposed marriage. It was 1952, when Dick was in the Army and he and Arlene traded letters on a nearly daily basis. But this one never reached its destination. However, while contract workers were doing renovations on Arlene’s childhood home, they uncovered the letter and delivered it to the couple, who have been married nearly 60 years. In the letter which was never received he wrote about the ring he had just bought for her: I got your ring today, I sure hope you will like it. I wish I could have gotten it long ago, darling. A few weeks after the letter was sent, Dick returned home with the ring in his pocket and delivered to his surprised bride-to-be.


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