An Amazing Blog Post

That’s enough hair to help a whole lot of people out. That’s amazing. (Ellen)

He has an amazing team of people…(Colin Ferrell about his son James who has Angelman’s Syndrome)

That’s amazing. That’s amazing. (Colin Ferrell to Ellen about a yoga mat she gave him with her picture on it.

This is absolutely probably one of the most amazing surprises to me because….(Lionel Richie on his new album, Tuskegee).

Milo’s Kitchen (dog treats) has this amazing line up… (commercial).

How many people here saw the big game last night? Did you watch? It was so exciting, all those amazing athletes battling it out until only one survived. (Ellen)

Tony, did you enjoy the present I gave you? How could I not. It was amazing, thank you very much.

The red carpet just finished. The show’s about to start. I’ve met the most amazing people (Ellen’s guest turned red carpet correspondent at the ACM awards.)

So nice to meet you. That looks amazing. That movie looks incredible (Ellen to Andrew Garfield, star of the new movie The Amazing Spiderman).

Is that all the time we have for that? That’s a shame, ‘cause we have an amazing show. (Ellen)

And right now I’m gonna show you some web videos. This is just amazing to me.

That’s an iguana and of courses that’s a black and white cat. I always say there’s something about a black and white cat. Isn’t that amazing? (About a cat and iguana snuggling on the window sill–video)

Degeneres, there’s not too many of us around here. He’s hilarious, isn’t he? He’s amazing (Emma Stone answering Ellen about her brother, who Emma has worked with)

You seem so real and down to old are you? [twenty-three], that’s amazing to be that grounded (to Emma Stone)

Cascade, Iowa, is that a small town? (To a game contestant) Yes, population about 2,500. Wow, that’s amazing, like you have one stop light type of thing?

You’ve sold almost a million tickets. That’s amazing. Go see them, they’re amazing live (about Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney going on tour)

Jennifer Love Hewitt: I just read two days ago the Adam Levine is single again. (Ellen picks up the phone, pretending that she’ll call him for Jennifer after which Jennifer laughs and says…) No way..oh, that would have been amazing. (More about Adam Levine) He’s just a hot guy. He does yoga and his body is amazing.

Jordan [Sparks], sit down. Listening to your album. Sounds amazing on my new beatbox. (Beatbox commercial)

I saw this on Yahoo home page, saw this story and right away called and said I gotta have him on the show. You’re an amazing man. (Captain Dave Anderson, who saved a whale trapped in a net).

The whale came back and thanked you. Dave: It was so amazing.


American Idol: [Episode from April 4 and 5 (just totals between the two nights, by person.)]

Steven Tyler: 0

Jennifer Lopez: 11

Randy Jackson: 6

Ryan Seacrest: 0

Contestant / other: 5

What’s amazing about this is Naomi Kutin is only 10 years old and she can lift more than 200 lbs. (News12 story about a weightlifter girl)

It’s just amazing how much the cosmetics business and the dieting industry is how much money they crank out (CNN HLN)

TENA pads are so absorbent they stand up to the twist. Amazing, right?

I went out and bought a little spaghetti strap dress and it was a really amazing feeling (Pro-Active commercial)

Women who shop to win, shop at Kohls, where you’ll always find great brands and great styles, at amazing prices.

New Dunkin Donuts artisan bagels are more… Authentic? Well… Delicious? Amazing?

Nutritionists know that blueberries have amazing antioxidant properties.

The most amazing thing about Sheer Cover to me is how light it is.

Jason Biggs:  I love being married. Jenny’s amazing

All season long we’ve been highlighting teachers and principals who are not just making a difference at their schools but in their communities as well We heard about an amazing principal from San Diego who is doing just that.

Principal Joel Garcia , while talking about the facilities the school provides for the homeless students…amazing, amazing. A lot of it comes from … private donations, different groups, … it’s amazing. (After the break): we’re back with Joel Garcia, an amazing principal.

On the Ford Focus: ….what about fuel efficiency? Amazing.

Total amazing tally, if you add in this one and the one in the title and the tally from American Idol: 63.

THIS BLOG WAS POSTPONED FROM WHEN I ORIGINALLY WANTED TO POST IT. I WANTED TO POST IT ON MONDAY, AFTER A WEEK OF COUNTING “AMAZING’S” (there’s 64). As you can see, Ellen, who I love, is a major contributor, and the week I did this, she had just come back after vacation and her usage of the word was at a dismal, almost purposeful low, as if she knew I’d be keeping track.


A thesaurus is a wonderful tool!


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  1. Melissa Says:

    I’m amazingly amazed. It’s amazing.

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