Just Another Manic Thursday

Before I go any further, I gotta send cyber condolences to Dick Clark’s family. How sad is that, that he’s gone? The World’s Oldest Teenager. I think the turning of 2012 was the first time in I don’t know how long I didn’t see him bring in the New Year; we were dancing the night away in a Philadelphia club that this year had no TV monitors as they had in the past. So, thank you, Dick Clark for the years of just always being a part of our existence.

This just in: another passing from the world of celebrity. Jonathan Frid, who played charismatic 200 year old vampire Barnabas Collins on TV’s Dark Shadows has gone to that great Collins crypt in the sky. Let’s just hope he doesn’t forget his fangs for this engagement. He was scheduled to appear at the forthcoming annual Dark Shadows extravaganza held at Lyndhurst, in Tarrytown, NY, where two films based on the TV series were filmed and he is also appearing in Tim Burton’s much-anticipated theatrical remake of Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp as the famed vampire.

Things happen in three’s, they say. Stay tuned…

So you know how I hate to complain, right? (Crickets chirpping)

The Indiana Department of Education has a new way to spend $7 million of private money in nine high schools throughout the state. Students who score high enough on advanced placement math and science courses to earn college credit will be awarded with $100 in cash. AND, teachers can earn that same amount for each of their high-scoring students. The assistant principal at one of the high schools participating in this nonsense says that this will break the barrier of those students who would otherwise never consider taking these courses and that responsibility of deciding who should or shouldn’t take an AP class now falls from the teacher. Hmm, I don’t know, why have teachers, then? Is this the best they could think of to do with seven million dollars? How about invest it in the teaching of those students who really might not otherwise have a shot at taking an advanced placement course? Just sayin’.

To tax or not to tax, that is the conundrum. Apparently, Manhattan borough president, Scott M. Stringer, wants to re-establish a once repealed bill of taxing commuters. This time around, if Stringer has his way, those who work in NYC but live in any of the other four boroughs, Connecticut or New Jersey (or anywhere from where they must commute) would get socked with a .45 percent tax on earned income. That breaks down to about $350/year for those earning $75,000 and about $450 for a yearly income of $100,000. Governor Andrew Cuomo is not in favor of this tax, though he realized the need to fund mass transit projects. NJ Governor, Chris Christie also is not happy with this proposed tax, most likely because it wouldn’t benefit New Jersey, unlike the recall of unused gift cards which he now says the state can absorb to help pay for whatever it is the suits want to use it for, such as gas for their cars or furnishing their beach condos. Just sayin’.

You know those QR codes, those maze-like looking black and white squares found in magazines and other advertizing media that allows those who can scan them with their cell phones to access even more information on a particular thing? Well, now, a Seattle-based company is considering adding them to the most unexpected of places; on headstones of the deceased bringing to smartphones everywhere, with a click of a button, in depth information, photos and possibly video, whatever is embedded in that little coded square. At first I thought, hmm, it’s kind of ghoulish, but then when you think of the visitors to say, the Vietnam Memorial, who sometimes can only come away with a rubbing of a fallen loved one’s name, you could have the world of your dearly departed at your fingertips. Thoughts?

Well, I could go on, but that would leave me with nothing for tomorrow. So on that note, Brian…OUT!


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One Response to “Just Another Manic Thursday”

  1. Gregory Dale Says:

    The QR code idea is interesting but when talking about Memorials and gravestones we talk about them lasting decades if not centuries. Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that QR codes will be outdated technology in a very short time. What will replace it? Will whatever replaces it be able to read the QR codes? Or will someone in 20 years look at the code and wonder What the hell is that?

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