Bacon. It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

By now everyone knows sun-tan mom, Patricia Krentcil. I’ve seen so many things on Facebook and all across the internet (or internets, if you prefer, or perhaps the W.W.W.) and one that readily sticks out is a pseudo- poster with her face and a caption that reads “I always wanted to be something so I decided to become a suitcase.” Or something to that effect. I think she looks like overdone bacon, or maybe even a patch for the worn spot in my

Nice touch with the Herman Munster Outfit.

leather sofa. But, like all who achieve fame in today’s society she now also has become immortalized in plastic, with her very own action figure.

You know what? We all have something we do that displeases others or makes others question everyone else’s sanity. And yes, some of those shots of her are rather freakish, but if that’s what she chooses to do then so be it. As far as having her kid in the tanning bed with her, well, first of all, unless that news footage was from another time, that kid didn’t look in any way shape or form burned. And quite frankly, it really isn’t my concern if she took the kid in there with her and am furthermore growing weary of listening to the debate day in and day out, whether the authorities do or do not believe her or the salon owner’s testimony the kid was not in the tanning bed with her. What makes me go hmm… is that she thinks she looks good. Hey! Is she trying to upstage the perennially tanned one, George Hamilton, with her overdose of gamma rays?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, also this weekend, we put in the garden, on the afternoon after got home from Harrisburg and our delicious sojourn in the Blue Comet. Even though the weather suddenly became not so favorable, when you consider that in March we were having 80 degree weather and now it’s hovering in the mid 60’s with freeze warnings at night we needed to get those seedlings outside. They had long since outgrown their pots and rather than handle them again into larger pots, we took a chance and put them outside. And planted seeds as well.

We started something different this year with the tomato plants. I saw in a magazine something called a Florida Weave, which is a way of supporting the stalks with twine interwoven between the plants around stakes. So, the plants are in a single row and as they grow you just add more twine, higher and higher as they grow, and that solves the problem of how to position all those tomato cages in the little space we have. Besides the tomatoes we also have peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, cantaloupe, the mint that wouldn’t go away from last year, scallions that wintered surprisingly well, nasturtium, basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme, corn. Lots of corn. 30 stalks. Let’s just see how many grow. Last year with 12 plants we got 7 ears of corn.

We’re also doing the three sisters planting configuration. Beans and squash will get planted among the corn stalks. The stalks help support the beans which supply nitrogen to the soil and the squash will act as living mulch, providing shade to retain moisture.

So far the tomato seedlings seem to be holding their own, which is what I was worried about. There’s nothing like a fresh home-grown tomato. And possibly as early as this weekend we could be seeing corn sprouts and maybe all the other seeds we planted directly in the ground.

Oh, yeah

One Response to “Bacon. It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Sounds like you have really done your research with that garden. That’s great! Best of luck! I wish you a lush harvest this year!!

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