Call For Pretty Maids and Cockle Shells

I’m telling you right now, the one thing you don’t want happening when you’re bravely trying not to be scared while you’re stomping the stuffings out of three wasps and their nest you spotted up inside the grill cover when you were about to put it back on the grill and go back inside and sit comfortably in your red chair and watch television, is feel a loose hanging thread from the bottom of your fleece shorts brushing up against your leg. Just sayin’.

When the rain finally let up (as of this writing, two days ago), we went outside to check on the plantings in the garden. So far, the tomatoes are holding their own, still looking a little on the wilty side, but we’re confident they’ll bounce back, as long as they can get some sun, (and perhaps some warmth, but beggars can’t be choosers) which they will at some point, but not at the points, apparently, our illustrious weathermen on radio and TV would have us believe. See, I’m on that again. But I’ll get back to that.

So, here’s why I brought up the garden. We were looking around, deciding where the as yet unplanted purple basil, nasturtium and parsley seeds would go when I would get to it (as it turns out, yesterday during my lunch hour) when we discovered one of my corn cups had been dug up. Last year, because our soil out there tends to be quite weed-laden, we thought of ways to mark where we planted so we don’t inadvertently pull out a veggie. We use those sort of tiny Dixie cups like you might get 3 Jordan almonds in at your place setting at a wedding reception, cut the bottom out so the seeds can take root in the soil and still grow and we have a general idea where not to pull weeds from. So, there was one of the corn cups up turned, pulled out of the ground and huge hole left in its place. At first we thought, bird, but that looked like too big a job for a bird. Then we thought rabbit, but with the patio/garden barricaded like Fort Knox (or so I thought) we decided it couldn’t be a rabbit. There’s no way a rabbit could get in through the wire mesh that blocks any gaps, and I don’t think rabbits can jump that high. Deer? Well, maybe it could get in, if it took off from a distance to get airborne enough, but then it would never be able to get out without destroying the fence. Then we thought it was a squirrel. And then we immediately thought, dead squirrel.

Back to the quick rant on the weather. All I heard yesterday since I woke up at 4:45 on the radio and then the TV that it was going to be sunny and mid 60’s. Great. During my lunch time, I’d run out and get my additional stuff planted and my one corn fixed and get some sun. Oh, the sky was a beautiful crystal blue with nary a cloud, giving promise to a glorious day. But then it started graying and every now and then the sun would peek out. 1pm came, I gathered my stuff, my seed packets, my paper cups, the parsley and nasturtium seeds in 2 separate cups of water that had been soaking overnight and went outside. Not 5 minutes into my project, the sky opened up and I had to hustle gathering all my stuff and rush back into the house. Well, you know me and rain. And…camping season is coming, so you know what that means! But as quick as the rain started, it ended and I started all over again and completed my task.

For those of you on Facebook, you probably saw this, but for those of you not on Facebook–I’m trying to self-diagnose my recent bout of night-sweats and I am quite confident that pregnancy is not one of the causes.

Oh wow. I just realized it’s Friday, which means I have an appointment with my colonoscopy doctor this morning. Not for the procedure, but more like a meet and greet with him.

 Happy Mother’s Day 

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