The Rainman Danceth

This past weekend was our first, much anticipated camping trip of the season. It got off to a bleakish beginning when we left early Friday morning for the hills of northeastern Pennsylvania. In fact, the evening before, too, as we packed up the truck, seemed a dismal prospect, bringing an apparent disappointing reality to the ever increasing chances of rain forecast throughout the week for Memorial Day Weekend. But we’d been there before, as any reader of this blog knows, ad nauseum, and why would our first event of the season be any different?

Our trip was quick, thanks to a shorter route Ingrid found for us and in spite of the low lying clouds that hung from the sky as we rode on, the rain held off and even quite so as we set up camp. And a curious thing happened as we had a bite for lunch, dapples of sunlight began appearing on the ground through surrounding tall swaying trees. In and out behind the clouds the sun continued teasing for the rest of the afternoon until the sky finally became a clear blue, and remained so  into nightfall for the bonfire.

We roasted in the sun for a beer party by the rec hall on Saturday afternoon and then joined friends for dinner at the house of Hellfire before the big camp-wide party event: Love Boat Dead Celebrities which Ariel and I attended as Sonny Bono and the tree. There were several fun costumes ranging from the Marx Brothers, to Farrah Fawcett to Mama Cass handing out ham sandwiches. Reactions to Sonny and the tree were a mixed bag of horror, sheer delight and one unnecessary reprimand on the late Mr. Bono’s political affiliation. But the alcohol flowed in various forms. Then, later, after shedding that hot sweaty costume we continued partying at the bonfire.

Sunday we spent a little time by the pool before showering and making our way to another beer party and the annual Memorial Day show. Afterwards we learned Site 60, the communal site, was hosting yet another party and I did my best to help deplete the Mai Tai supply.  Because, you know, at camp, we everyone pitches in when needed. Well, that was the beginning of the end of the partying. We had a bite to eat and that put us into an even more belabored state of staying awake, but we knew if we had gone inside the tent, even for a 20 minute power nap, we’d never see the bonfire.

As we started down the darkened unsure rutted road to the bonfire there was a familiar feeling. A drop of rain hit my arm. And then Ariel felt one and the chatter by the fire was there was torrential rain a-happening as close as two exits off the highway to the south of us. But little by little, the faint mizzle let up and by the time we left the bonfire the stars were once again twinkling in the Pennsylvania sky where they look so close you could almost touch them.

I mentioned once before about a guardian angel I believe I have and I don’t know if this particularly falls into that category, but I’m holding on to the thought that because we don’t know for sure really, that it does. When my father was alive, he was known as The Rainman to his Gold Wing group who would “stop the rains” that were to otherwise have dampened any of their events. Oftentimes when we talked on the phone he assured me he’d do his dance of magical contortions for me, which he assured me was something I’d rather not witness. But he couldn’t guarantee promising results from such a distance.

So, I’d like to think this one time The Rainman was still doing his dance.

One Response to “The Rainman Danceth”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Seems he’s a lot closer now …

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