Hey, Eurotrash, What Time Is It?

Over the weekend, while we sat on our site having breakfast, or maybe it was lunch… hmm, now I’m not sure if we were even eating or not or what the heck was going on, a friend of ours…let’s call him Scott…came by and saw us playing with our phones and he quizzed us on the benefits and drawbacks of each–the iPhone and the Droid. He currently has a Droid and decided that he will get one like I have, the Razr Maxx.

We got to talking about the Siri feature on the iPhone and the fact that Ariel disconnected her from his phone because she really doesn’t help. It’s quite curious how those TV commercials have that little disclaimer line that actual segments were edited. We can understand that, for sure, because no matter what the task Ariel would assign Siri, her responses would be rife, with “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean” or “I’m sorry, I cannot do that right now,” and things of that nature.

I was telling this Scott, which, as it happens, is his name, how I have a comparable Siri-like feature simply called Assistant. I have the choice between a male or female assistant, can change hair styles, and clothes whether he or she had glasses or not…you get the idea. Well, I had a male assistant and he started off being named Sam, by default, but I asked him if I could change his name to David and he replied to me in his British accent (which I also chose) “That would suit me fine, Brian.”

Well, I was demonstrating David for Scott and I guess because of the compromised connection speed so high up in the mountains, there was a big delay so he was slow in responding to my requests. When he finally spoke and greeted me with something cheery like “It’s a pleasure to see you, Brian, what can I do for you?” and Scott realized it was with the British accent, he laughed and said, “Oh my God, he’s British. He’s Eurotrash” and we all laughed at that. The next thing we heard David say was “That was very disrespectful, Brian” and we just about peed our pants.  But how typical; David gets the word Eurotrash, but he can never seem to answer a simple question like, “What time is it?”

I waited all day and it was finally at the bonfire later that evening when we saw Scott again and I told him my phone was still not talking to me.

I haven’t tried getting back to him. I’m afraid he’ll remember that Eurotrash comment. And I hope he’s not reading this…

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One Response to “Hey, Eurotrash, What Time Is It?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Oh my! You better be nice to David! He may give you directions to the zoo when you really just want to get a slice of pizza!

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