In Recognition Of….

Okay, maybe I’m out of order…no you’re out of order… but when I heard about this little tidbit, I immediately thought of an aunt of mine, who is now deceased, and whether or not she was, in fact, a bully. Let me explain.

One time, when I was quite young,  I had a toy train, the type that would roll along the floor and when it would bump into a wall, the leg of a chair or any obstacle it would turn around and go the other way. It would make a choo-choo sound and it would also blow smoke from the smoke stack. I guess that technology was the precursor to the Roomba vacuum cleaner thing that crawls along the floor and shifts directions when it hits something in its path. Honestly, how long does that take to get your floor clean? Wouldn’t it be less of a hassle to just dig the old Kirby out of the closet and sing “Old Man River” from Showboat. Either version; William Warfield or Paul Robeson will do. Well, the train has nothing to do with the story, really, I only thought of it because as I remember this possible bullying story, I remember I had that train with me.

Something happened and it didn’t sit well with me, as things often do still in my ripe old age, and Aunt Georgie wasn’t having it. She made a little sign and safety pinned it to my shirt, labeling me a “pouter”.   I had to wear that sign in front of my uncle and my cousins until I was ready to stop being in a pissy mood.

I just found it funny how that incident came to mind in an instant when I heard about the poor 8-year-old Arizona girl, Cassandra Garcia, who was given a Catastrophe Award by her teacher, For Most Excuses for Not Having Homework. Cute, right?

Guess again!  The other students laughed at the girl and when she came home with the paper award signed by her teacher and adorned with a smiley face and told her mother, Mrs. Valdez called the school and was “blown off” by the principal, who said that it was a joke played by the teacher. “I think it’s cruel and no child should be given an award like this. It’s disturbing,” added Mrs. Valdez.

A psychologist queried about this incident cited it as an act of bullying.

In that regard, then, a teacher asking a student to answer a question in class and the student doesn’t know the answer and the other kids snicker, they would all be bullies. And at that point, shouldn’t the teacher lose his or her job for not having control over the rest of the kids?

It’s a tough world out there.

Mrs. Valdez, maybe the bigger issue here is not making sure your daughter is doing her homework.  Whatever happened to that proverbial village it supposedly takes to raise a child? I think the grown-ups all moved out and left the raising to others, but when others step in and do their jobs, the grown-ups get all worked up if they don’t agree with how things should be done and raise all kinds of Cain.


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