Check And Re-Check

I always wondered how useful the door checker person job at Costco really is and I thought I had the answer to that query sewn up last week when I was shopping for last minute stuff before our camping trip.

The woman ahead of me was seemingly making a stink about something-I was trying to Watergate but the conversation with the cashier and the cart loader guy was conducted in rather soft tones, yet no one seemed to be losing their cool. What could be going on? Then, someone else was called over into the mix and I just had to know what was happening. Now that my cart was unloaded and that gave me the go-ahead to advance in the line and get closer and zero in on the chatter.

Apparently, this woman was praising the cart loader guy with his cart loading prowess and just about wanted to make sure the entire store knew how she regarded his ability. That’s all very nice, lady, but I have more stores to get to. They told her to go to the front desk, tell them his name and tell them the same glorifying things she was just saying. Then it was my turn and you know how sometimes you should really just keep your mouth shut? I was feverishly trying to think of how I could add something to what has just transpired and nothing came to me. #embarrassingmomentavoided.

At my car, I was loading my purchase into the trunk of my car and I about shrieked in horror when I realized that woman’s bottle of POM juice was in my cart. I remembered seeing it near the end of her order just in front of the separator bar. Oh, the poor woman, and after she just spent five minutes espousing cart loader guy. Surely she couldn’t have gotten too far, she must be in the parking lot. I searched and scanned the parking lot, while I continued to pack up my trunk. Nope, didn’t see her. But, boy, did I feel bad for her..but I had a free bottle of juice.

Later, when I got home and was telling this story, I happened to be going through my receipts and it turns out, that free bottle of juice wasn’t so free.  In fact, it was not free to the tune of over eight dollars. Right! I got charged for it. While I was lamenting the fact that I was out eight dollars (no juice is worth that much, tasty, though it is….) I was also relieved I wasn’t more enthusiastic in trying to find her in the parking lot.

So, see? Sometimes not doing the right thing absolutely works out in your favor. And in the end, I can’t say for sure if the door checker actually does the job accurately or not because the items in my cart were all legit.


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