Man alive it’s strange not being around here as often as I used to be. I can’t quite pinpoint what the cause is; maybe just enjoying some summer evening laziness? Maybe not feeling creative? Maybe not feeling like I want to be snarky and condescending? No, that can’t be it.

Well, let me bring you up to speed a little. Camping is going as per usual, with just the right amount of rain to make us have to open everything back up when we get home.

As I’ve been observing the days becoming noticeably shorter, I made an admission last night I thought I’d never hear coming from my lips, but I announced that I’m somewhat disappointed in the garden this year. It could be the way it was laid out, or the fact that something (I’m thinking squirrel) ate the rest of my corn. I just hope it was as tasteless as the last few ears remaining I tried to recover and ended up throwing away. Next year, no corn!  Cucumber is the boom crop this year and we have jars and jars of them pickled in a variety of ways as well as bread (and more to come) and we’ve used them in countless other salad-y combinations. The tomatoes are slow to ripen and are getting bored through by whatever also enjoys fresh tomatoes. Even the squash is saying uh-uh, I ain’t a-growin’ this year. But the cantaloupe is sweet and delicious.

Well, it has been announced that Merriam-Webster has updated its word list for the latest edition of their Collegiate Dictionary. Even though some online dictionaries and reference sites already include some of them, Webster’s is just now including them. “F-bomb” is one such entry and even beat Oxford to the punch, who is still considering its inclusion in a forthcoming edition.

Some other words that made the list are: Aha moment (which, if you ask me is a phrase, and not a word, thank you very much!). Sorry Oprah, but this dates back to 1939. Bucket list (2006) which means a list of things to accomplish before one dies. Earworm (1802) had been updated from a blight on corn crops to that annoying song lyric you can’t seem to get out of your head. Energy drink (1904); I’m sure you get what that is. Flexitarian (1998) describes one whose normally meat-free diet might sometimes include meat or fish. Gastropub (1996) which I heard for the first time this past weekend, describes a pub-like establishment with higher quality meals. And this one I can’t believe made it into the tome–Sexting (2007) and means the sending of sexually explicit messages and/or images via cellphone. Man cave (1992) is another. You know, a man’s own space. And reflecting the current financial status of the country there are the following three entries: Systemic risk (1982)–the risk that the failure of one financial institution would cause others to fail and harm the economy as a whole; Toxic (1664), 4: relating to an asset having lost so much value it cannot be sold on the market; Underwater (1672), 3: having a mortgage loan for which more is owed than the property is worth.

I will submit my sister’s word, Stupiotic for the next edition. It kind of means what you think it does and the 2nd definition describes the choices dictionary editors consider words.

There! Now I feel better.

And because I like to help, this is a sure-fire cure for any earworm you have. That, and I just enjoy posting this whenever I can.


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One Response to “F!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I have learned a valuable lesson from today’s blog – The Red House is VERY inclusive!!!

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