Buggin’ Out

Here’s a funny story to get me back into the swing of blogging. It’s been a long “dry” summer, creativity-wise but now that for all intents and purposes summer is over I’ll be here more often.

Camping is done as of Labor Day Weekend. It was kinda bittersweet saying toodle-oo to everyone until next season, but I think we were both ready to be done with it for the year. The best part of all was that it stayed dry; inevitable remnants of Hurricane Isaac sort of hit, as promised, on our drive home and not even that badly, though I heard it was monsoonal here at home.

So, that funny story, that now might not be so funny for someone once I get on the phone and find out what’s going on, is that yesterday my exterminator company was supposed to come for their quarterly maintenance around the house and I got the reminder on my phone calendar, which I’m still learning how to use, the day before. Good, that gave me time to prepare myself and not be caught in the middle of big work project and I could sort of gauge my timing. The time was for 11am.

Now it’s 12:30, give or take a nanosecond, I was in between projects and hungry and because I knew it would be a new person–their employees are dropping off like flies (a little exterminator humor) and I wanted to time my lunch break so I could take the guy through the house. So I call and the woman tells me, Oh, they’ll be there by 12:30. Oh, it’s 12:30, they should be there very shortly.

So, I signed back in to work and did a few more things. 12:50, and the driveway alarm goes off and I run to look and I see the truck but no one is coming to the door. 1pm, the doorbell rings and the guy introduces himself–let’s call him Dave, though right now I don’t remember what it was–and he asks me if there was another way to come in. Odd. So, I figure the garage since he’s ultimately be out there and this way he’d be closer to his truck. I ran to open the door and when he entered the garage with his equipment I said, Do you want to get started in here, since you’re already out here and make your way up (to the second floor and the attic). He said, The boiler room. An odd request, thought I, but what the heck, he’d also be working in there.

He makes a beeline to the furnace and starts taking off the front cover and then it dawned on me…he was from the oil company coming to do an annual furnace cleaning.

Well, I had to laugh and tell him who I thought he was and then in that instant I though, hmm, that doesn’t reflect well on me,not realizing exactly who I let into my house. I checked with Ariel but he didn’t have the appointment on his calendar either. Oh no, what if this guy was going to murder me and rob my house. Then I remembered the postcard that came in the mail announcing it was time for a cleaning and I put it aside until I had 5 minutes to call and make an appointment. But apparently I didn’t read the card properly. It was a reminder that they’d be here on September 5 at 12:30.

12:30. Hmm, so then I started to question who I actually called a half hour prior. The exterminator was listed on my calendar and their number in my phone and that’s who I called and they were supposed to be here at 12:30. I even pulled out their folder to double check the number while I was hold, learning that my call was very important to them. That’s why I never put two and two together that it wasn’t who I thought it was even though the company name wa emblazoned across the front and back of his shirt.

The exterminator never did come and I will be finding out why. .

Yup, I’m still at it. Good how some things never change. Change could be dangerous.


One Response to “Buggin’ Out”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I’m not sure what to say except that your story made me laugh!! 🙂

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