The Trouble With I, Is Me

Maybe it’s I. I know me can’t be the only one this happens to.  Nah, I’m not getting into grammar in this blog, although that ridiculous usage of “I” and “me” is still so prevalent. It makes my blood boil. Is it that people think that by using “I” in most instances makes them sound educated? If they only thought about the sentence before they said it for a split second, and how the action is going to affect (watch, it’s probably effect…for all my going on about grammar, but, nah nah nah nah nah, nah, I’m dealing with “I” and “me” right now)… man, I go off on these tangents like I’m Tangent Man or something… how the action is going to a/effect the subject. My favorite one that I ever heard though, which is really the first time it occurred to me that the differentiation between “I” and “me” was that difficult was listening to an interview on the radio with an adult hostess from some dude ranch out west and what services they offer and she said that sometimes the client will want two hostesses and I don’t remember the exact set up for the quote or their exact names, but let’s go with this and get it over with: Bunny and I’s robes were hanging on the back of the door.

Here’s something of questionable rationale.  Neil Diamond’s song, “Sweet Caroline” has been banned at future Penn State home game sing-a-longs for “obvious” reasons after the fallout of the Sandusky mess, because of the lyric: touching me, touching you. The sinspiration of Diamond’s song was a photo of  11-year old Caroline Kennedy with her pony. Is it me, or is this idiotic?

I have a bug man update and then an add-on to that story. I called my exterminator yesterday, mid-afternoon and asked if I was mistaken or was I supposed to have an appointment yesterday. I explained how I had called and that it was not an emergency, but a routinely scheduled maintenance call and this was the number I called, not the hotline (you know, the red dial-less phone under the glass dome–to the bug phone, quick!). She told me no, at first and I explained that the woman I spoke to (I know, the woman with whom I spoke…sheesh) told me the guy would be here around 12:30 and that it was in fact, 12:30.  She came back with, Oh, yes, you did have an appointment and I just found out the guy, he’s new, taking over so and so’s route, went home sick and never notified his customers.

Well, that’s a fine how-do-you-do! Now I’m set up for next Tuesday. The furnace guy was indeed set up, some time ago, when we made our annual oil tank protection plan payment. Case closed.

Next case: We’re having trouble with our phone line, getting static and sometimes calls don’t go through, plus we have one outlet that somehow died and Ariel spoke to the big V about it and we set up for them to come this Saturday, which, by my calendar is tomorrow.  He did that so I wouldn’t have to deal with yet another service call. Well, at around  5pm yesterday afternoon, there he was, Joachin,  taking care of my phone problem. The outlet situation was a disconnected wire 36 feet away, as indicated by his instrument. I guess the box in the basement could be 36 feet away, sure. The noise on the line is bad wires outside and now they have to send a splicer and then he, or someone of his caliber, will return to jump the numbers to the new wiring. It all sounds like fun and being that today is Sunday, according to the big V, I’m going on a picnic.  See ya!

**I just did a search to make a character for Tangent Man and found there is a blog that uses that name, so, with all respect to him, I won’t persue the idea. Of course I could use Digression Man or something.  I’ll get to work on that.


One Response to “The Trouble With I, Is Me”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I absolutely agree with you that people seem to feel that using the word “I” is somehow always more correct or more proper when that is absolutely not the case! “I” should be used when it is the subject of a sentence or part of the subject. EX: I went to the store. Bob and I walked in the park. “Me” should be used when it is an object of a preposition or the receiver of an action. EX: She came with me to the store. He accidentally hit me with the door.

    You wouldn’t say “She came with I to the store.” So you also wouldn’t say “She came with Bob and I to the store.” It would be “Bob and me.” But I “digress…” 🙂

    Also, you were correct with your usage of the word “affect.” Actually, I learned a very easy way to remember it. “Affect” is used as a verb, and “effect” is used as a noun. Although, I just looked both up in the dictionary, and “effect” can also be a verb so go figure!!!

    The pet peeve that I have is when there is a sign in a store that something costs so many cents, but they hand-write it incorrectly on the sign. For example, if something costs 50 cents, there are two ways to write it. Either $0.50 or 50 with a “cents” sign after it. But some people write 0.50 with the “cents” sign. Really?!?!? It costs 1/2 of a cent! That gets me. And I digress again …

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